Friday, October 1, 2010

Neighborhoods: Government District Part 3 Firefly Cathedral

Neighborhoods: Government District Part 3 Firefly Cathedral

A shimmering temple of marble and glass, with delicate spires that stretch nearly three hundred feet in the air, Firefly Cathedral looms over Upside’s skyline, visible from every part of the great disk. With the rising and setting sun, the cathedral’s glass walls and spires blaze, spilling crimson light across the whole of the city.

Firefly Cathedral is built on a relic of the old city, a foundation of flawless marble blacks that serve as base to tall columns similar to those in the Hall of Voices. The dwarven architects cleverly integrated the ancient columns into the building’s design, supporting a web of stained-glass arches that incorporate the holy symbols of a hundred different gods. A large, circular dais with an altar and twin golden candelabras sits in the exact center of the cathedral, with ten concentric rings of pews surrounding the dais, split by four, wide aisles with red carpets that end at dark, hardwood double doors.

There is no official clergy tending to the cathedral, as it is not dedicated to any specific god. The temple’s doors are never locked and the guardsmen permanently stationed here have specific instructions not to interfere with any form of worship save those forms involving ritual sacrifice or the direct summoning of otherworldly beings. Large congregations are allowed only with a permit obtained from the Grand Parliament, which traditionally approves as a matter of course but the religious fervor of the Underwriter’s Councilor, a human woman named Diedre Saltsure, as well as the growing influence of the Order of the Storm has mired recent requests in petty bureaucracy.

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