Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twilight House Gather Team

After years of trade and buildup in Stormhaven a consistent problem for the house became apparent, namely that the majority of our merchants come from underdark societies, and that their knowledge of surface life, let alone life in Stormhaven, is limited at best. Our solution has been to recruit and train a small elite team of members that would better serve our surface needs. Responsibilities range from diplomacy and enforcement to acquisitions. A good eye for trade opportunity and a working knowledge of our contacts and shipments will help your group succeed. Many times we need to provide our merchants with a better understanding of the societies we do business with so that they can better understand what those societies do and do not value. The Gather Team also acts as our internal investigators. Despite Twilight House’s best efforts, many of our trade sources have goals beyond profit, and we must guard against those goals interfering with our business interests. The Gather Team will easily become the most well known members of Twilight House, short of the councilor, acting as both our diplomatic and enforcing arm with the general public. Political maneuverings will be handled by the councilor.

Current Instructions:

Deal with your former competition as you will. The items that the house wants you to recover:

All four have Water Marks provided by Twilight House, recover these and place them against your own, one a piece. Your Water Marks will absorb theirs and become fully functional. Watermarks do not take up a slot. (Russ note that the other Water Mark you are waiting on can be applied to this one.

Once you acquire the Water Marks the benefits to each of you will be:

Permanent (while worn):

+1 Resistance to all Saving Throws. +1 house bonus To Luck Score,

Feat: +3 Skill Focus on single skill of your choice, chosen when first put on and cannot be changed.

At Will:

Message with each other and Arkielle, range is Stormhaven, both the Updside and Driftdown, not much range outside the shadow of the disk.

Detect the direction you are facing (Water Mark always lets you know which direction is North)

1/Day: Immediate action add a +4 to any saving throw. When this is used the Watermark becomes inert for 24 hours, eliminating all special functions of the badge save stair passage and rites of magic.

Besides the Water Marks, the following items are to be recovered:

Claret Pauchard has a set of +2 Bracers of Armor with Twilight Insignia

Larratia Pauchard has a wand made of ivory, carved from the tusk of a creature referred to as an Ellie Font.

Waymar has goggles that provide Dark vision

Raice has two magical bags, both are bags of holding but one of them is made from a grey hide said to be from the same Ellie Font. Twilight house wants the grey bag returned with whatever is inside it. You are not to search the bag or attempt to find out what is inside. The rest of their belongings you can do with what you will.

After you have dealt with the unworthy failures you defeated so handily, we need you to look into a bar near The Lifts in the Warehouse district, called the Broken Barrel. This bar is a favorite of the Lifter guildsmen and is famous for very strong ale and vicious brawls. Several members of the Lifter Guild pad their weekly pay by being friendly with a variety of Upside guilds, allowing overweight shipments, not inspecting certain items, as well as delaying or even stealing other shipments of guilds and houses that they aren’t friendly with. We suspect that some of the guildsmen sabotage shipments from rival guilds. The Twilight House would like to know which guildsmen work for which guilds and if there are any free agents that can be convinced to join our cause. See what you can learn and who you can convert to our side.

There are two individuals that are always at the bar that we would like you to deal with. The bar’s champion and lead lifter is a demon blooded Hill Giant that goes by the moniker of Giblet. Giblet is wearing a ring that was taken from a former Twilight House member, now dead. We’d like the ring back and Giblet made an example of. Unfortunately, Giblet is supported by a sorcerous woman known as The Muse. Every lifter in the place will defend her so be warned. Several bards frequent the bar, despite the danger. Most lifters live in the Driftdowns.

Your success has brought me honor and greater position within Twilight House. You are the best students I have ever had. Thanks to your success I have been promoted along with you and will be your handler. I hope you will grow to consider me an ally, should you need a favor or assistance, ask, for our fates are entwined.


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