Monday, October 25, 2010

"One of these days Alice, straight to the Moon!"

These were the frustrating times for the elf.  Imagine building a home and damn near one-thousand years later finding out that the laws of physics had changed.  In a way, thought the wizard, he had confirmed a long held theory that this planetary body operated under the same rules, if different effects, as the host planet that he once called home.  Sure that he was thinking important thoughts, the elf found his favorite chair and loaded a pipe.  As he thought over the changes he had noticed in his creations he began to suspect that there was a similar theme, mayhap a singular solution. It was at that moment that several of the elf wizard's wards went off while several constructs called out warnings and flashed important looking lights.  A visitor for these old bones, this bodes trouble thought the elf, just as several spells and a contingency went off.  Not needing to move to discern who or what was arriving, Myrddin took a long drag off his pipe and cast another spell.  Appearing out on the surface in full regalia, Myrddin wondered if his former ally still considered the elf a friend after all these years.  Blowing out a ring of smoke he stared as the green man approached. The old voice of the green man rumbled, "Come, it is time."


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