Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tales from the Black Kracken

Invidia stood on the deck of the ship, her magic altering everyone's perceptions of her and her followers.  Even though the winter solstice was close the weather had not begun to break.  They had been sailing for twelve days, five days out from the sea moot.  Despite her magic's, Invidia was certain that the crew's natural superstition was leading to some tensions aboard the ship.  Captain Tullivar had informed her earlier that if the weather held, they would arrive in Stormhaven a week from today. 
Ennis and Joness called her over to the stairs, another problem.  She sighed at their lack of imagination but wouldn't have trusted their decisions anyway.  "The first mate is complaining about the cold again.", Ennis growled.  "Give him another gem as well as extra blanket, has he been snooping in the hold again?" she inquired.  Joness hissed that the mate's last scare seemed to cure his curiousity.  "Have we lost any cargo?" she asked, her tone indicating the danger of the answer.  Ennis and Joness hurried away to return to guarding the hold, answering over the shoulder that no further damage had occurred.  Invidia glared at the two until they were well out of site.  Her plans require a full brood capable of building her strength and securing their position.  She would harvest what was already in play, owning other's success. 

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