Monday, October 11, 2010

The gypsy and the devil.

Angelica drove her dilapidated but still functioning carriage along the unkempt forgotten road.
Unforgotten by her family; however, because the knowledge of this road had been passed down from generation to generation; this road was a nexus path and an access to the outer planes. From this road a traveler could, with the right details on where to set off the road; step onto another plane. This was a two way road because entities from the most hellish reaches could, if they knew where to step off, enter our world. It was Angelica’s and the generations of gypsies before her who would travel this road each year and prevent such a disaster from occurring…

“We are almost there Drake.” Angelica said off-handedly to her dog. “The time is near, the equinox approaches.” She went on. Drake’s only response was a bark to Misty, Angelica’s invisible horse, to get her moving along.

For the past six years she has traveled along this forgotten road and for untold years before that Angelica’s family has been vigilant in guarding our world from a devilish being so evil his very physical form is the embodiment of sin. Angelica showed no fear in the face of such evil and ventured forth with the confidence of another success to come.

Angelica offered a prayer to Old Heakun, looked off toward the cloudy horizon, and saw movement in the clouds; the time of the spring equinox had come. The devil had arrived.

Angelica began her practiced spell-casting to protect her from influence and deception during the confrontation. With terrible purpose and malicious intent the devil descended upon the gypsy daughter. With billowing shadows and flame the devil could hardly contain his infernal glee at the torment to come.

Sitting in front of the black and white game table, Angelica remarked on the devil’s disposition. “Feeling confident? You know that you lack the patience, diligence and temperance to win this game.” Stating opposing virtues while gesturing to the game table where sat figurines of pawns, and knights, castles and kings.

The looming entity sat, a devilish grin set from pointed ear to pointed ear, “the stakes are… different this time, look closely.” The devil gestured to her game pieces.

Her shock and horror was sweet as nectar to her evil opponent. Her white game pieces had changed into members of her family; reduced in size and seemingly trapped within their squares. Angelica’s anguish was delicious. The black figures had themselves transformed into beings of the utmost horror and depravity. The devil gestured and implied that when pieces are captured, so will be their diabolical fate.

“Declare defeat gypsy and the souls of your family will not suffer eternal damnation.” The devil replied to the weeping woman.

“I cannot. I will not devil. You will not enter this world!” Angelica made the first move.

Over the next series of moves and counter moves, Angelica watched as one by one her kin suffered unspeakable violations and obscenities. With each, came the erosion of her will and determination. The devil added to the horror with descriptions and commentary of what each will experience in hell for all of eternity. She would not yield however, and when victory was within just three moves, the devil actually made a respectable move. The devil was goading her into its game, it didn’t care how many pieces it lost; the devil was leading her into her own defeat. It was only a matter of time; it had won before the game started.

The devil’s victory meant that Angelica would have to speak her Truename to it and relinquish her Truename power over the devil. As the devil stepped onto our world its first act was to banish Angelica (with her animal companions) to a remote location, far away from her family where it could use her at will.

These days Angelica wanders the Upside where she offers her services as a diviner and a translator as she can speak and comprehend any known language. She can produce for the Nobles of Stormhaven an array of “love potions”, “poisoned apples”, and “elixirs of youth” as well as being able to identify wondrous and exotic items.


Gordzilla said...

This is an excellent introduction into a unique brand of magic items that I have for the game. They are called, "tainted", and are much less expensive than a "untainted" or a normal version of a given magic item. There will be more on this in the near future but very cool tale James.

Bonus Action Die for including Chess.

James said...

Thanks. Do you recognize the deity Old Heakun? :)