Friday, October 8, 2010

Tales of the Assassin

The assassin appeared in the familiar confines of his room.  The entire job had been botched; from the damnable ogres sudden interest in poison to not one but four dragon men!  Worse, the dragon kin worked efficiently and professionally together.  Buki had hoped that his strike upon the councillor would go unseen and he could shift suspicion to others.  Unfortunately one of winged wyrms quickly scooped up the fallen leader and flew away, surely with enough time to save him from the deadly poisonous effects of his attacks. The ogre would not be so lucky!

Buki figured he had at least an hour before any pursuit or investigation would reach his room here in his victim's home, but still hurried while gathering his belongings. 

While his hands busied themselves packing the killer considered and dismissed the idea that he had been set up.  His draconic opponents didn't seem aware of Buki's existence or true motives until he had acted.  The problem with this conclusion was that meant this was Buki's failure. 
Buki didn't believe for a minute he could run before the 7's would find him.  He decided it was best to return and face the man who had hired him.  With one last look at his room of the last six months, Buki activated the last charge of his cape and arrived at the front steps of the townhouse.  The address of this Nest home gave him a chuckle as he gently rapped the door knocker.


James said...

The Kracken's Nest. It's in the driftdowns.

Russ said...

Rat's nest house number 777?

harrygoblin said...

I dont think it is in the Krakens nest. That is a collection of dillapidated ships, and the post describes a townhouse

James said...

I saw that and figured it was his perspective, I was going with the Driftdown angle. After speaking with Versel I believe the Rats Nest is a sensible place to start imposing our will.