Thursday, October 7, 2010

It just came to me in a moment of clarity

I find after a night of rigorous coitus I tend to think better. Perhaps the relaxation that follows places one in an open frame of mind. Your thoughts are more focused and precise. I would recommend this practice to anyone faced with a difficult decision or problem they need to resolve. It’s a type of therapy for your soul,…. I digress.

It was after my second mate of the evening it just came to me. The Tattoo artist!! The assassins we are looking for are all tattooed 777. He poisons his men to keep them loyal. Anyone not loyal or that decides to abandon the organization does not get the cure (of course they don’t know this until it’s too late).

Remember our first assassin encounter? Larrimor and some other stair guard saw that the first assassin was taken into custody. But I am sure assassination is a law punishable by death. And since I have been pursuing a position as a guard “enforcer” I have no problem quoting the written law.

“When a death sentence is required, the guardsmen who responded to the crime carry it out on the spot. If guardsmen do not have the means to administer the punishment, for example when encountering resistance from experienced adventurers, the city’s government has standing agreements with numerous skilled and ruthless bounty hunters, some of non-humanoid origin with better chances to bring justice to the perpetrators”.

They should have administered “justice” on the spot that night. But Larrimor stalled until we left and turned that assassin loose. I think it might be time to make a few social calls. A certain Dwarf & Stair guard lied to us about a few things. And I hate being lied to.

Versal out


Russ said...


James said...

I was going to this conclusion about the dwarf when I asked Obidah if his bodyguard had any tattoos, but we got side tracked in conversation. I love it when we are all on the same page.

And omg I love the pics!

harrygoblin said...

So, with the poisonings starting 2 years ago, do you think that the assassins are a new part of the 7s? I know the gang is older than that, but its quite likely that this is a new wrinkle of theirs. And since we know where the dwarf was staying, maybe we could go back to his room and look for markings of the 7s like what was on the floor of the room in the House of Four Winds.

James said...

Sounds like a great idea. And Vecer can explain to the dwarf his dislike of untruths.

James said...
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harrygoblin said...

I am pretty sure this lunatic has not worked out a cure, as we saw no evidence of even the ingredients in his shop.