Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sea Rovers

Or as they're more commonly referred to, sea gypsies, is a term used when speaking of the families that sail the open seas. Banned from many nations' ports due to unsubstantiated reports of theivery (some of which are actually true). This loose organization is known for their peaceful ways (they will never make the first strike); their boundless knowledge of the seas of the world (maps of Sea Rovers are highly prized due to their incredible detail) and for accepting any race as long as that person agrees to follow all the decrees of the Seafather or -mother, the accepted head of the Rovers. Many adventurers have been known to hire Rovers as guides as adventure is a given and Rovers know the secret and lost places of the world. They are also highly prized by merchants who do not have ship or other means to move their goods. The usual grouping of Sea Rovers consists of at least one ship, where the captain is also the father of the family unit. The wife is usually navigator and the children serve as crew, alongside crew that they've hired. Many of the captains and navigators are known to be sea mages, as well. Children will break off from their parents' ships when they either marry or reach 20 years, so a single Rover family could have several ships, anything from shallow bellied longships (ideal for sailing coastlines and rivers but capable of transocean travel) to huge, three masted galleons. The leader of the Sea Rovers is known by the title Seafather or -mother. The current Seafather is a half-elf, Tressalien.

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