Thursday, October 28, 2010

10/27/10 Review

 6pm Our session begins with our return to Stormhaven from the Flying Citadel. Durg the Just wakes from his extended slumber to report of more callings similar to what befell him before. The summoner seems to be the same creature, possibly another (female) draconic race as Malar. Durg was caught and tortured; dominated and subjugated. It is not believed that truenames were being applied.

During our brotherly round of hoard building, we discovered the taint laced within all magical items that were gathered from the green cloak/ snake and skull cultists (SS cultists). Vercer is the only one actively wearing his tainted item.

8 pm With a plan of killing Claret, then speaking with Larratia, Raice and Waymar to discern their alliance. We arrived to the bar to find Larratia setting up for a busy night, Raice was off that night and Waymar has not been seen lately- her brother was here we came to discover. Discussion ranged from adding a lunch menu to hypothetical talk on what would happen if one or the other team won, what would become of the losers. ? Finally she worked out that we had in fact won the Twilight House contest and that we were giving her a rare opportunity. She would need to speak to her brother.

With the uneasiness lifted, the Pauchard siblings admitted to be unwitting pieces in a dark prophesy and that these SS cultists were after them. They had attacked twice before; both times they attempted to capture them with Black Bags of Unconsciousness and Lassos of Capturing! They (Pauchards and Co.) thought these SS cultists were sent by us. Not so, we wish for profits and do not squander opportunities.

Larratia and Claret both relinquish their house items (+2 Bracers of Armor & an Ivory Wand) and watermarks. They further confer that they do not believe Raice and Waymar will appreciate our offer and may opt to leave Stormhaven if given the chance. We believe that one or both may be dead.

10 pm REOPEN FOR BUSINESS! Liquor commission delivery: Jaren speaks with a dwarf named Dagmar (driver for the liquor commission) and offers a 50 gp gem (?) for the recovery of the individuals and their items matching Raice and Waymar. They would have been looking into commission employees and may have had an unfortunate accident. Dagmar was also given a potion of expeditious retreat to expedite his task and instructions to bring any findings back to us at this location.

With Claret working the crowd and Larratia setting up the drinks, Vercer notices a few oddities and suspicious characters about the bar. Suddenly Raice drops his illusions and warns Larratia of the impending attack of the snake and skull cultists. After a chaotic battle with the SS we managed to kill two (one undead thrall escaped, one destroyed) and captured one cultist. His (suspected tainted) items include: 5th level wand of magic missiles, 4 potions of cure light wounds, +1 longsword- capable of holding crystals, +2 buckler, +1 composite longbow (+4 Str) & 20, +2 arrows, and a +2 cloak of charisma as well as a as yet undetermined cloak, scythe and 50g off another guy.

We conclude the session with Raice, Larratia, Claret and our clutch discussing what we want to learn from our SS captive.


robm1171 said...

Just some clarifications:
1) I was taken when fully conscious, this time.
2) I do not know where I was taken or whom I was fighting.
3) I still believe the summoner is an agent of mother's.
4) I believe he does not know exactly who or what he's calling/summoning.

James said...

Also, vercer made a point to get raices watermark and twilight houses magical bags while he was unconscious.