Friday, October 15, 2010

These Docks Are Mine

Godin walked with a purpose up the pier to where the men were unloading the ship. Stripped to the waist, showing off the tattoos that covered his ropey musculature, he strode up to the turbanned man with the hook nose and oiled beard. The ship's captain didn't see Godin until the shorter, wiry man was upon him. Stopping in mid-shout, the captain turned an inquisitive eye to Godin and the six thugs following him.

"And what do you want? I have already paid that thief you call a harbormaster. Away with you, I have cargo to unload and need no extra hands" the captain said, his words thickly accented by a far-away tongue.

Godin eyed the men unloading, the crates that were being placed on the dock, the style, shape and age of the ship, and then, cocking his head to the side, stated tonelessly "You can't dock here. I've got a ship by the name The Foamchaser scheduled for this dock."

Irritated, the captain shrugged his shoulders, saying "What do you want me to do? I was told to dock here, here I am. Talk to your harbormaster."

Godin looked over his shoulder at his men, then turned back. "I don't think you understand, my friend. I own these 3 docks and if I say you can't dock here, you will have to move."

The foreigner shook his head and started to turn away. "Go bully someone else, I have not -"

In a flash, Godin had his dagger out, and with a hollow thwok, sent the larger man reeling with a blow to the temple with the dagger's hilt. The captain fell hard to the docks, blood streaming down his face. Godin then began savagely kicking the man, in the chest and face, stomping hard and hearing the prostrate man's nose crunch. Meanwhile, the six heavies that had accompanied Godin swarmed over the ship, disposing of the crew with lethal efficiency.

The captain had raised his hands, feebly, to try to ward off the visicous attacks from Godin . Godin stooped, tangled his fingers in the captain's beard and lifted the man's chin, drawing his dagger across the barely conscious man's throat.

Breathing hard, Godin rose and called out "Olev, Tchurak, get a couple of wagons. Load the crates on one, the bodies on the other. Take the bodies to Llewillyn and see if she needs them. If not, dump 'em. The crates go back to the house. Yuri, take the rest of the men and get this ship over to Hammish's. He'll know what to do with it."

With that, Godin wiped the dagger off on the captain's tunic, sheathed it and walked back up the docks. No one uses these 3 docks without his permission.

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