Thursday, March 3, 2016

03/02/16 Tragidore Session 16: Plots Revealed

Indrith Shalla- Priestess of Lilith
The heroes from Tragidore came into the ruined House of Song, an old theater-temple to Oghma, to find five robed humanoids gathered at the five points of a pentagram sketched on the theater’s floor. The diversion, for that is what it was, had luke-warm success but at the end of the session the heroes, with the help of Yontryl Amatar, defeated the secret priesthood of Lilith.

Along with helping Yontryl recover the Key of Irithlium, the heroes captured Orbakh’s Bone Mantle and Ivory Scepter; Shamoor’s Mirror Mask; and Salvarad’s Winged Mask, as well as ledgers, journey books, and correspondence that reveals the threads and machinations of this sect of Lilith faithful.

Much of the Cult of the Dragon’s plan has been plotted behind the scenes by Lilith’s Priesthood including the preiesthood's current location the House of Song where the Lilith faithful practice their dark arts. For over a year the Lilith Priesthood solved for many of the Mythal’s magic limitations with metamagic components save for necromancy and the creation of undead within Myth Drannor.
Capitalizing on weakened and disorganized faiths in the aftermath of the Time of Troubles, the new Priesthood of Lilith (formerly Shar, goddess of night and loss) facilitated a way for the Cult of the Dragon to move art and magic excavated during the Endeavor through Aurora’s mercantile exchange  through Waukeen contacts and associations

The goal for Velsharoon’s clerics for the Cult is to taint the Mythal to overcome the restriction on creating undead so that the Cult of the Dragon may raise an undead dragon if Dagaronzie does not survive the Immersion (see contingency plan); but the Lilith Priesthood have lied to the Cult and the clerics of Velsharoon and hoped to eventually betray the Velsharoonites including the Supreme High Dragonservant. 

The Immersion Ritual, is a kind of magical baptismal rite; it immerses certain key Cult individuals into a Pool of Radiance, made exponentially more powerful by the sacrifice of hundreds of magical items over the coarse of the Endeavor, so that Cult of the Dragon may operate unrestricted in the Mythal- if they survive. This too was a lie for the Priesthood of Lilith, for they have successfully overcome the Mythal's ban on certain magic on their own; however there remains an untested theory in regards to the creation of an undead dragon. 

We pick up next week after your two hour rest in a rope trick with Yontryl, as promised, leading you to the secret passage to Castle Cormanthor. 

Castle Cormanthor

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