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Tragidore: At a Glance

Thousands of years ago, the heavens above Toril ensured Mistledale's future prosperity when a meteor plowed a hundred-mile-long, thirty-mile-wide swath through the Elven Woods. The trees never regrew in the scar where the meteorite had fallen, but the land proved amazingly fertile thereafter, rich with hereto unknown deposits of exotic elements, minerals, and magical resources.

Tragen Gundwynd, son of Devin the first of his name is credited with founding what was then called Tragen’s Hold, an outpost in the Weeping War; the war that would spell the fall of Myth Drannor. Tragen and his fellowship attracted followers that would defend against the Army of Darkness. Five-hundred years later the small city of Tragidore has grown to a respectable size because of its natural resources, despite having weathered years of war, political intrigue, and tragedies. 

The following are important features in and around Tragidore.

Abbey Green: Now just a Nameless Village to the north after the Elves of Eldath disappeared after their patron god died. Now only a few visitors stop here, mostly rangers who use it as a base camp before trekking into the dangerous parts of the Verduran Forest.

Aurora’s Consortium: Owned by the beautiful and alluring Aurora Tenloss a merchant heiress and trust-fund highborn woman from Sembia. The grand opening on Moonfeast will feature over a dozen drow crafted items and weapons. 

Blackrock Company (NEW): A feast hall and head office for the Blackrock Company- what's left of the group that ended the drow siege on Tragidore during the godsfall. Sanford Stubblemane trains and certifies fighters who bring in trophies of their kills; they are also the Tragidore’s sole resource for Mage coal and elemental gems.

Bridges of Eldath: A sacred bridge spanning the River Ashaba, where a battle between the Lady of the Lake, Eldath and Talona the Mistress of Disease on Highharvestide a year ago; each goddess vying for control of a divine aspect of power, one of the elements needed to regain divinity during the godsfall. Eldath, the Guardian of Groves, fought at great expense to protect the people of Tragidore. Talona used this tactic to her advantage spilling godsblood as Eldath protected the innocent. A magic-dead area looms like an invisible cloud betwixt the twin bridges reminding people of her sacrifice to save the city.

Tree of Voices: This nature shrine is guarded by Brother Zaganos and the Vistani family. The Tree was chosen by a demi-power to shelters ravens, owls, and other magical messengers along their overland flight.

Constabulary: Tragidore’s Chief Constable is Carin Taber, a no nonsense woman who understands the city's politics and enforces the law with unbridled favoritism toward the wealthy and highborn. Her officers include Bozbeyli Meet, the Governor of the Guard; and Gilda Marsh, cleric of Torm as well as Minister of Justice who supervise seventy new guardsmen.

Fordskin Ranch: Jestine Van Richten is tough, quiet, and more than willing to risk her life to protect the people of Tragidore; a breeding expert specializing in Fordskin horses that are widely used by the Riders of Mistledale, who come here to train and trade fresh horses. Fordskins have been long noted for their superior qualities and strength. They have more stamina, more determination, harder feet, better bones and are generally hardier than other horses. 

Gentleman’s Mage (CLOSED): Riger Mann and his father Tolger own this haberdashery of devices both mundane and magical for the discerning man and contemporary mage. They are Tragidore’s sole resource for Turmeric and other medicinal herbs.

Gundwynd Manor: Part of the original keep, it is easily the oldest building in Tragidore capable of housing the entire clan.  

Hippogriff Arie: Morgan Gundwynd a tireless gentleman and druid who tend to young hippogriffs but who’s primary love and function is his care at breeding the Balserran horses. He spends his time now however consumed over a sickness that is affecting the animals which he calls it Talona’s Revenge.

House of Black and White: Tragidore’s brothel, nearly forgotten during the godsfall is experiencing rise in popularity with the return of all able bodied men. Madame Xemne Pardette operates the house and provides escorts; Milsa Meet is one of her favored girls.

Ioun Gardens (NEW): Operated by the Iounmancer Adolmus Gladstone, an expert in stone, precious gems; a metallurgist obsessed with the magical gemstone-rain provoked by the godsfall. Adolmus recently purchased a villa and converted it into a member’s only alchemy fellowship.

Kordova Keep: Pride and duty are the sentiments of many rangers and sorcerers from this large family. Vacek Kordova maintains a link with the Riders of Mistledale learning their techniques to teach to others; while other prestigious members ensure the longevity of the family name. 

Lady of the Rings: Davina Silvers owns this little shop of mystic baubles and magic of fancy. She is a half-elf Vistani and a known medium utilizing palmistry readings and spirit lore.

Raiserik Tower: A functional alabaster guard tower houses the Raiserik’s and Holgast Raiserik is a master gardener, resins and refined alchemical substances- source of Scraphite and Dri wood paper.

Renet’s Steel: Humfredus Ironshield, a dwarf blacksmith who boasts his sharp blades and spellforged arms and armor are superior to any in the city. He is a dealer in exotic weapons and also offers shields of exceptional make.

Sapphire Monolith: The Wellspring, a magical touchstone from a previous age of magic and a rare coveted source of Incarnum magic.

Swift Prison: ‘May your time be swift.’ Notable prisoners include two drow elves and a local enthusiastic necromancer-priest named Nhar-del. Underneath Swift Prison is the Tragidore’s crypts. The warden’s name is Warak Freestone who is assisted by Lawson Harting the resident deputy-warden, crypt keeper, and city undertaker.

Temple of the Gauntleted Fist: is a repurposed 500 year-old barracks from the Weeping War that now houses two alters to Torm and Shaundakul. Sir Delmar Truesword, Sir Kirkland Starkweather, and Titus ‘the Unbroken’ are a few of the notable and albeit elderly priests who are happy to retell war stories or heal young warriors who share a tale of their own.

The Cawing Crow: Members of this family appear like typical gypsies with knowledge in seasons and celestial cycles, arcane symbols and enchantment magic. This family resides in the first house built when the Weeping War ended and the Tree of Voices was first planted. 

The Curious and the Cowled: Lucine Baumann, formerly Kordova, is a widowed old cat-lady who owns this specialty shop. She is fond of sweets and can correctly identify the region and time period of any article of fashion or clothing.

The Silverhoard: Boon Silverhorde is a weapons maker and chief rival of Humfredus Strongaxe. Boon believes his balanced, hurtful weapons are superior to Renet’s Steel. He employs a host of craftsmen who produce simple weapons, helms as well as spellforged arms and armor.

The Sword Point Inn: A popular local place for accommodations, food, gambeling and entertainment. Wyman ‘the Gentleman’ owns and operates this fine, reasonable priced tavern and expensive in. The interior is based on benevolent heroic themes of victories against dark horse-lords. 

Town Map and Message Board (NEW): Outside the Sword Point Inn is an oval limestone table where a magical model of Tragidore is displayed featuring all the buildings, streets and details of the walled city. Aside from its impressive craftsmanship and amazing magic it functions as a place where anyone can solicit help or post information. A middle aged aristocratic-type named Elad Edals maintains the area.

Trinity Church: Once a kaleidoscopic journey into magic, now a jealously guarded repository of items sacred to the worship of Azuth, Savras, and Velsharoon.

Tristeza House: an manor outside the city abandoned after its last occupants poisoned one another in an attempt to dissolve a mutually unfaithful marriage. The estate has a history of tragic deaths dating back 500 years and is considered haunted by its last owner, Caitrin Deveraux.

Van Richten Keep: Occupying the last of the minor castles, the Van Ricten’s ploy their trade and plan their exploits behind its sturdy grey walls.  

Verduran Wood: a forest area of thorny and twisted trees as haunted and tragic as Tragidore itself. Scores of loggers, merchants, river pirates, poachers, rangers, bandits, and explorers have disappeared there in the last few years alone. The old area of thorny and twisted trees once a part of Cormanthor now touched by wild magic in the wake of the godsfall. Logan Higgs ranges this area of woods outside of Tragidore.

Watchtower Cassomir: Built on the ruins of an old fortification from the Weeping War the Watchtower is the official Seat of the Mayor of Tragidore. Jonark Uptal, Fifth Councilman and Mayor is a stoic man who is also running for another Mayoral term despite his recent unpopularity. Other officers include Rubicund, the Master of Coin, and Gilda Marsh, Minister of Justice can be located here most of the time handling the city operations.

Woodcutter’s Guildhall: Guild Master Matsen Lutar is from Sembia has been sent here after the previous guild president mysteriously fled. Among those in his employ is Grimscar Nicfar a half-orc lumberjack and expert axemen.

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