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Tragidore: Choices Made

Aurora’s footfalls made small crunching sounds over the fresh Mistledale snow fall as she made her way to The Gentleman’s Mage. The Sembian merchant heiress had arranged the wholesale acquisition of the contents of the Gentleman’s through political favors and her family’s name.

It was actually a blessing that the recent- no, ongoing circumstances in Tragidore forestalled the auction of The Gentleman’s Mage so that she could properly set plans in motion. Lacking some influence she was able to spend her downtime increasing her hereto unknown public profile and now with the acquisition in place Aurora Tenloss can finally have the Grand Opening she wanted; ahead of schedule.

Masten Lutar
Pausing briefly in front of the miniature of the city, a magnificent display of craftsmanship, when Matsen Lutar approached from her left, he was dressed in a parka and wool cloak but his hands were exposed as were the eight rings he wore. He smelled of spiced wood and conspiracy.

“A message from Father Dournas,” Matsen said once he was sure they would not be overheard and handed over a small scroll to Aurora.

After reading the message she looked at Matsen in outrage. “I will not publicly support a deity I do not agree with.” She said in a hushed tone. “What do I have to gain to do so?”

“Aurora you know it will bring more souls into the faith and besides you need Dournas’ political savvy and perspective. You do remember I was sent here to protect and advise you?” Matsen said passively.

“I would say ‘need’ overstating my position; I have grown quite popular since I was sent away and I am quite capable of protecting myself.” Aurora said raising a delicate hand to thumb a lock of hair from her eyes.

“Nevertheless, it is commonplace in Sembia to afford traveling clerics a measure of respect by sending a message to the people Aurora- your clientele that you hold tradition in high regard.” Matsen said.

“We are not in Sembia, besides I do not need a history lesson Masten, now if you will excuse me I have another appointment.” Aurora said to Matsen turning to trace a path through the snow to The Gentleman’s Mage.

Jonark Uptal
Inside The Gentleman’s Mage shop of alchemy, fine tailors, and recoveries Jonark Uptal walked impassively down the rows and behind the counters casually inspecting the shop’s wares waiting for his morning appointment.

The murder of Tolger Mann was a blessing in Jonark’s eyes he mused, because it gave Jonark just the weight he needed. Before now the only promising avenue for him was the abandoned alchemist’s townhome, but a complete storefront was beyond hoping for. Seizing it would give him the resource to reaffirm his position in Tragidore and therefore retain his seat on the Mistledale Council. If he could not reaffirm, then he could find himself replaced on the Council.

A rapping at the door stole Jonark from his inner thoughts, composing himself he opened the door careful not to let the wind blow it open and allowed Aurora Tenloss into the establishment and after a few moments the two of them were enjoying warm tea.

“I want everything in here including whatever is in the loft above and cellar below.” Aurora said with no break in her conversational tone.  

“Of course,” Jonark said fingering his amulet. “and you must agree to promote my election at every turn. I do not care if you are getting your nails done or peddling your goods, I want your outward verbal support. Are you comfortable with that?” Jonark asked as he produced the contract legalizing the transfer of the Gentleman’s Mage to Aurora Tenloss.

Aurora considered the subtext in each of her encounters today she was getting used to subterfuge in the face of ambition. But after a long glance, neither of them looking away, she signed the papers then suddenly stopped. Jonark reached over and grabbed the papers before she could protest.

“Wait the date of sale is at the end of the week! You snake! Why is that?” Aurora said, her face taking on reddish hues. This turn of events would delay her Grand Opening, so much for being ahead of schedule she thought morosely.

“It is the day after the election; this way I am sure that you will support my campaign because of I fail to reaffirm in Tragidore then this transfer will surely be delayed until another Councilman is appointed- if it goes through at all.” Jonark said coarsely through a smirk.

“Go to hell Jonark. I will honor the agreement with a small caveat.” Aurora said, her own smile emerging through her fiery beauty.

“Oh? And what it that?” Jonark asked, honestly taken aback.

Aurora took a measure of the man and spoke, “You are going to pronounce your faith in Waukeen tomorrow along with me at the site of last week’s dragon attack or I assure you that thirty days into your term as Councilman- evidence will begin to surface that you hired a necromancer with treasury funds to animate the corpses of deceased of this city for…”

“Enough!” Jonark interrupted menacingly grabbing her forcibly with an exotic metal right-arm extended from the sleeves of his finery. “Woman, I could crush you, tear your throat out.”

Aurora was shocked as she struggled for breath, and then finally pressed her magic ring on Jonark’s bald head. The resulting impact separated them, each being knocked back to opposite walls. After a few moments Jonark Uptal regained consciousness and found himself alone, pissed as hell, and contemplating his next move.

Aurora’s Grand Opening Updated:

Drow Items
(2) +1 Spider Silk Armor                               1,160 gp
(2) +2 Adamantine Lt. Mace                         11,005 gp                            
(2) +2 Cloak of Resistance                             4,000 gp
(3) +1 Mithril Rapier                                      3,020 gp
(3) +1 Mithril Elven Chain                             6,100 gp

Amulet of natural armor +2                            8,000 gp
Full plate +2                                                    5,650 gp
Burglar’s buckler                                            4,655 gp

Longbow +2                                                    8,375 gp
Shortspear +2                                                  8,301 gp

Belt of incredible dexterity +2                        4,000 gp
Eyes of the owl                                               4,000 gp
Headband of ponderous recollection              5,100 gp
Mnemonic Vestment                                      5,000 gp

Manual of gainful exercise +1                        27,500 gp

Ring of counterspell                                         4,000 gp
Ring of protection +2                                       8,000 gp

Choker of the Siphoning Scorpion                   8,000 gp
Quicksilver Gloves                                           7,000 gp
Gossiper’s Gourd                                              12,500 gp
Goblet of Liquefied Cognition                         18,000 gp
Familiar’s Soulstone                                         10,500 gp
Crest of the Fallen                                            12,000 gp

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