Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Journal of Marcus Wands: The Mythal

Marcus Wands
"A mythal is a powerful magical effect created by a group of spellcasters to protect and ward a large area with numerous powerful enchantments. The earliest mythals were created by a circle of High Nethereese Mages; a creation that sometimes required the willing sacrifice of the lead caster's life, a result that lead to the first mythal's being named after its creator. Mythals could permanently alter The Weave to create an area wherein the normal rules of magic no longer applied. A typical mythal prevented certain schools of magic from being employed while empowering others. It could restrict access to the warded area to certain classes of beings. In addition, many mythal characteristics corroded over time, and if not maintained could become corrupted.”

The following are notes and observations my associate, Jared Mallred and I employed on magic and its behavior in Myth Drannor during our ten-day survey; to explore the lost elven city at great personal risk and plumb the Mythal’s secrets…

Jared Mallred
In past experiments never could I nor Jared magically divine Myth Drannor, the Mythal defeats all such magical scrying, as well as attempts to magically transport ourselves to the city without the aid of a gate which is exactly how we arrived at this ancient and magical ruined city.

Pleasant as the climate is it only makes this haunted city, still at one with the forest, that much more surreal. Haunts, some malign- while the majority are ‘mythal echoes’ of the souls who lived and died here.

Light spells are enhanced somehow lasting twice as long as normal creating dim illumination in even the darkest of nights while glammers, patters, phantasms and shadows fail completely.

Our early tests indicate an ease in summoning and calling spells but due to the thin planar fabric in and around Myth Drannor, spells within these schools will more likely than not produce undesirable results. Although abjurations produced better than expected measurements by all accounts.

Some observed continuous spell-like effects during our brief survey include: feather fall, resistance to fire 5, ward-like spells seem to be permanent once laid, furthermore spells from the fire sub-school always have their energy type changed to cold.

In addition, Mallred and I can happily confirm natural occurrences of Blueglow Crystals and their recuperation properties; whether these crystals have the ability to cure feeblemindedness, disease or remove insanity remain untested.

Low magic spell effects seem to be unaffected from magical surges but plant-affecting spells always surge with magical energy to create chaotic results.

Successful Tests: recharged a wand and a staff, language-based spell restriction are lifted,

Unsuccessful Tests: Animate a dead corpse, spontaneously enhance a spell with metamagic, recharge a necklace of fireballs. Charm enchantments and compulsion experiments were inconclusive and has likely destroyed Jarred and I’s working relationship forever. 

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