Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tragidore: A Time of Trials

Mayor Jonark Uptal looked up from writing his speech in his office and looked to the tarnished silver lantern that hung unlit in the town proper. He choose his words carefully in his speech, words that would cast forth adventurers tasked with carrying the ancient lantern and returning with the Everflame. The lantern was symbolic of course- Hell, the whole Quest for the Everflame was just another local custom to keep the wolves at bay and the nightmares away. It did nothing for his own nightmares.

The hour was early but that did not stop dalesfolk from celebration, it was the Feast of the Moon and while each family had their own traditions, Tragidore had been without the renewal of the Everflame and the anticipation was great indeed. Outside the office the Temple bells tolled the morning hour, one more closer Jonark thought. One more hour closer and I can be on the road and out of Tragidore and back to Mistledale.

Jonark’s thoughts drifted to the Woman who visited him earlier that night. She was like an angel; he could still smell her scent and taste her kiss. A shiver ran down his flesh. It was unlike Jonark to reminisce about a woman, not since before he married his wife, but she was dead now. 

There were two other occupants in the room at this morning hour, which bespoke the Mayor’s reluctance to tarry in Tragidore for very long. Besides Jonark preferred to keep these two nearby whenever possible during his short visits into town; until that is a third individual walked in.

Jonark heard the door open and turned to look, outside the office the haunt of his late wife still hung from the rope as the caller strode in. Behind the caller Jonark's dead wife pointed an accusing finger at Jonark just as the door closed allowing him to breathe a bit easier.

“Salutations my Lord-Mayor, Officer Taber, Rubi..." the look of contempt on the caller's face was mild but there just the same.

"My sources tell me the Harpers have arrived.” said Elad Edals in his Waterhavian brogue. Elad could imitate many Realms dialect but during official visits to the Mayor he liked to speak Waterhavian. It reminded him of home when he was not on the run. 

Elad stepped into the Mayor’s office unbidden; he was dressed in brown leather breeches, a vest, and a fur-lined red coat. He wore a monical this morning Jonark noted, and rings on each hand.

Carin Taber
Across the traditionally furnished office Carin Taber stood near a large window looking out at the same tarnished lantern, morning sunlight cascaded a dim veil of golden light over her strong female form. She looked like a statue of a goddess. Elad’s entrance brought her from her thoughts; flash-backs from her own nightmares as of late. Standing immediately on the alert, she recognized the man and sheathed her sword. Secretly Carin admired the Waterhavian, mainly for his brazen tactics for rising to such great influence in such a short amount of time. The only thing that unnerved her was why here and why Tragidore?

Opposite Carin sitting alone in a shaft of darkness upon his usual chair was the halfling Rubicund, the Master of Coin. Rubi openly hated Elad Edals for the same reason Carin accepted him; the man was a scoundrel and westerner. Rubi was convinced Elad is somehow plotting to kill him. A small white mouse scurried briefly across the floor making its way to the open door, it did not make it past Rubi before the spiteful halfling stomped it flat. He hoped the fortuitous gesture made is point to the Waterhavian- do not cross me.

Carin and halfling could not be more different from each other which are why Jonark employed them, Elad however; Elad is a necessary evil in order to get himself re-elected and therefore another term as Mistledale Councilman.

"My sources tell me there are investigating misappropriations of the municipal treasury." 

Jonark considered. If Elad was right then Jonark's aspirations on another term are in serious jeopardy.

“My apologies, my friends, but I thought you should know.” Elad said with as much sincerity as he could muster.

“And there’s something else Lord-Mayor, bands of harriers are converging on the dales looting churches and raiding, they have a leader…”

“You will forgive me Mister Edals that I may focus on problems that I can address.” Jonark Uptal responded curtly. This new news somehow frightened Jonark. He would not return to life as it was before, Jonark thought. He could reach out to the Vistani if he had to, but if that was to be the case then the threat to the dale is certain.

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