Monday, March 21, 2016

Veteran's Redoubt

Veteran's Redoubt had long served as Emmerdin's first line of defense against the mountainous border of Bouvaldia as well as first warning against frequent monstrous threats provided by the native orcs and giants.  The grounds of the Redoubt are littered with broken blocks of worked mountain stone. The main garrison house still stood, carrying visible wounds from years of attacks as well as The Sundering.

Veterans Redoubt was considered the extreme western edge of Emmerdin and as such the most dangerous place in the Duchy.  It was in fact a sort of sick joke that the Redoubt was named Veterans, because anyone who lived there was a survivor and therefore a veteran of one type of battle or another. For the last several years Veteran's Redoubt served as the base of operations for The Order of the Lynx, a reward of questionable merit from the previous Duke of Emmerdin for services rendered.

When The Other Guy Followers arrive, they are positioned behind the rectangular broken remains of a former building and a large battle is taking place between The Order of the Lynx and a company of Orcs.   The Lynx are barricaded in the main garrison while the orcs having moved in two large pieces of unique siege equipment.  Not far from the siege machinery another group of Orcs surround the Redoubt's well, their sorcery causing the waters to froth, boil, and bubble.


Gordzilla said...

The Picture is accurate as far as layout goes, it doesn't show corpses and there are a lot of them. Most of the corpses are Orcs and the occasional Ogre. The only Lynx fallen you encountered during the last mile of your journey on the way here, four bodies near their fallen mounts.

James Caruso said...

We will bloody the horizon with more orcish bodies right meow!