Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Aurora’s Open House

As the bards brought their number to a close, an up-tempo dance, the lights changed from pulsing colors to a consistent continual light. Aurora’s Consortium was open.

Dozens of guards, bards, and negotiators were brought in for this grand occasion.

“My friends, I would like to thank every one of you for making the Consortium a success,” Aurora said, captivating the people with her angelic voice, “including The Blackrock Company for the seized drow weapons from the dark siege as well as Lukka and Lukka for the exquisite elven-item set.”

Two men on Aurora’s left, one a large-muscled man and the other a rather ordinary man stood for the Blackrock Company; and on her right two gnomes shook their floppy hats.
“After the initial round of buying and trading,” Aurora continued, “we will begin an auction for the remaining items.”

At this, approving applause cut off what Aurora said next. 

“Bidding will start at half the listed price and will be auctioned by Father Forbeck Dournas. Again thank you for coming and good luck.”  
Aurora Tenloss
Sembian Mercantile Heiress

Drow Items
(2) +1 Silkweve Armor 1,160 gp
(2) +2 Adamantine Lt. Mace 11,005 gp                            
(3) +2 Cloak of Resistance 4,000 gp
(4) +1 Mithril Rapier 3,020 gp
(4) +1 Mithril Elven Chain 6,100 gp
+1 Buckler of the Spider 1,155 gp 
(armor check 0, 2 lbs.)

+2 Full plate 5,650 gp
Burglar’s buckler 4,655 gp
+3 Amulet of natural armor 18,000 gp

+2 Shortspear 8,301 gp
+2 Longbow 8,375 gp

+2 Belt of incredible dexterity 4,000 gp
Eyes of the owl 4,000 gp

+1 Manual of gainful exercise 27,500 gp

Ring of counterspell 4,000 gp
+2 Ring of protection 8,000 gp

Wand of Contagion (CL 5th) 11,250 gp
Wand of Summon monster II (CL 3rd) 4,500 gp

The Item Set:
Sylvan Cloak 11,500 gp
Elven chain 5,150 gp

Player Purchases:
1st level Pearl of Power 1,000 gp (Wendell)
Potion of Barkskin 300 gp (Arne)
Scroll of Stoneskin 625 gp (Wendell)
+1 Mithril Elven Chain 6,100 gp (Cadthronn)

Before the auction:

“Zadrian, there is a way we can help each other. I have it on good authority that a flight of harpies has been striking and raiding river merchants coming to or from the River Ashaba for some time. The flying wretches have thus far evaded eradication, despite inflicting thousands of gold pieces in losses on the merchants of Tradigore - me being the most recent unfortunately.” Aurora says irritated.

She regards the group, “I will front you and the Tragidore Five with five-thousand gold if you find their lair, slay the harpies and recover my stolen freight. I will even provide a magical bag to hold my recovered wares and you may keep what is not otherwise claimed.” She says with a wink.

“Do we have a deal?”

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