Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Immersion List

Bishimzon- old wizard from Hillsfar, currently held in Swift Prison, his talents will aid the Endeavor by eliminating tainted or otherwise malign recovered magic

Handragath Zhion- well established among his peers, he seems like the logical choice to lead the Endeavor in the Polyandrium

Holgast Raiserik- Patriarch of his family in Tragidore, he commits to a score of arcanists through his various contacts for the Endeavor

Naergoth Bladelord- failed Cult leader in Sembia, nevertheless a skilled fighter, his ‘contribution’ will be to Beautiful Flower

Rathwill- a seemingly gentle, cultured man is a manipulative master, and in my opinion one of the greatest single forces for evil loose in the Dragonreach. 

Marjon- half-dragon, born in Myth Drannor and with that comes a wealth of local information- Marjon is also the recognized tribal leader of the dragon-kin

Zilvreen- from Saerloon he is a dangerous and soft-spoken master thief given to the use of poisons and potions, he will be of great use in crypts

Ellis Giraud- a bastard of his noble family in Saerloon, a capable tactician- vicious, deadly, and endowed man- my personal guard?

Ariel Manx- my weapon x, my spy

Nevessam- privileged noble and arcanist, referred to the Endeavor by Holgast Raiserik, authority on the Scarab

Supreme High Dragonservant Faerlaur Onthim- from Urmlaspyr Sembia, he supports the Endeavor with his followership of 6 clerics, 13 inquisitors and undead walkers

Ryngoth- an unforgiving and forgetting cleric who is not above slavery

Shamoor Emeny- 1st cleric under the Dragonservant, greedy and distrustful

Salvarad- man? Woman? (many faces) 2nd cleric under the Dragonservant, outspoken and charismatic- likes to hide in the open

Indrith Shalla- High Priest from Elversult, a convicted of murder who proclaims to be the voice of her goddess

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