Thursday, March 17, 2016

3/16/16 Virtues Session 36: The Other Guys 1

Raelyn Cromartie
Rograr Anvilstriker, a dwarven monk from the monastery. Darinia Ononia, the comely cavalier half-elf woman who comes mounted on a great elk. The dwarf Heneregard Firecaster, best friends with Barit Coinmail and former waiter now warpriest of the Builder. Raelyn Cromartie the beautiful human sorcerer and Shade Fletcher a man who lurks in the shadows with his bow and fletchings.

Our mission was to travel with the 'lost' halfling knight of the Lynx Palicia through the passes and terrain between Boulvaldia and Emmerdin Pac Napiay to open a dialogue with the knighthood as our overall function were as emissaries spreading word of recent events and Admiral Melandrach Olithir's formal bid for Duke of Boulvaldia.

Two days into our travels, as Palicia leads us through the varied rocky landscape we happen across an expanding sinkhole occupied by hostile pony-sized ants. These ants, some of which flew, proved especially tricky on the difficult terrain along with their hive-mind and penchant for grappling opponents.

We dispatched the queen scattering the colony to the hills. We recovered some treasure from the colony's past victims and continued our slow climbing travel for two more days. Palicia proved very valuable and resourceful in avoiding the 'swamps' and tricky paths passing old strongholds along the way.

Entrance into Emmerdin was met with literal style as many grand and detailed etching as well as stone carvings marked our entrance into the duchy. Finally, after another day of travel we encounter sounds of battle that foreshadowed our discovery of the order of the Lynx locked in mortal battle with orcs and dark engineers.

It is here we begin next session.

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