Friday, September 12, 2014

The Ascension of Mystra

Excerpts from the pages of Godsfall: The Time of Troubles

In the North, it began with an arcane call for a bonded companion. A new age was on the cusp and as the Storm Dragon before, Frostburn wanted to shape this age to come into an Age of Dragons. He called out across the planes to Raine Wands as his arcane familiar, and commanded Raine to prepare for his terrible and eminent return.

In Waterdeep Raine Wands sat on the High Lords committee, currently weighing in on whether to allow Thay embassy status in the city when the magic of the arcane bond seized him. At that moment Raine’s life changed forever. Considering all the probabilities and fallout of what his connection to such a destructive force would bring, Raine immediately began to exercise all his resources.

Consulting the nine sages one by one led Raine to Karlott and the Cult of the Dragon. Karlott was a member of the Arcane Brotherhood who was funding Luskan’s pirate war against the north island kingdoms. Each faction was hostile to Waterdeep, and as a wizard in the Order of Magists and Protectors this never sat well with Raine.
Meanwhile high in the Nether Mountains, the witch-dragon Dajaronzie, also heard Frostburn’s commands: “Assemble prospective females that I may evaluate them to be worthy to receive my seed, and propagate my bloodline.”

In Luskan, Karlott put out a general call for gather teams to seek out and find Samular relics hoping to uncover the Weapons of Legacy that were used to kill the first Storm Dragon. Taking these relics out of reach would earn them prestige and favor in the eyes of their dragon sponsors making the Cult of the Dragon stronger.

This information about relics and legacies put Raine back on the subject of the Samular heirs when the seed of inspiration took root. He would conspire to bring together the seventh generation of Samular heirs in hopes they join arms and discover their enemy- Cult of the Dragon. Raine also set plans in motion that a forgotten portal in the invisible tower in Castle Waterdeep was opened by these young men and women, releasing mischievous fey from the Mists into the North. These creatures would hopefully be reaped for their chakra essentia, using what would be known as the William device, thereby allowing for more personal spells. It was a viable plan and a long shot but one that would help defend the city against the dragons when the time came and a plan that did not directly violate Raine’s bond against his master.

When the godsfall began, Frostburn at last arrived, and tears of Selune rained magical gemstones across the seven realms. The terrible Frostburn now in the presence of his prospective harem revealed a plan, in light of the godsfall to usurp certain divine powers: War, Good, Evil, Death, Time, Fate and Nature; to create a draconic pantheon thereby making Frostburn a real storm god- an undeniable force of Nature.

In Waterdeep other factions unified forming their own Pantheons based on shared beliefs and ideals, among them was the breath taking and stern Syndra Wands. Already a veteran spell-caster in the Order of Magists and Protectors, Syndra excelled in the theater of politics, leadership, and high arcana earning her recognition amongst her peers. Syndra believed that if the seven gods of magic were dead and their connection to the weave severed, then it was her purpose to become the next Mystra goddess of magic, restore the weave, and stabilize wild magic.

Joining with Brother Carmichael and the Peoples Pantheon, Syndra traveled the savage frontier including Neverwinter, Luskan, and Silverymoon to gather seven divine aspects of arcana. One aspect was given freely to Syndra her by Eva goddess of fate, but one final lost aspect of magic eluded her- in fact it eluded most everyone.

During that Year of the Shadows 1358, Pantheons clashed and Frostburn’s dragon-harem attacked with efficient regularity during their year-long siege as the Cult of the Dragon infiltrated churches crippled by the godsfall to reprogram communities into Luskan empathizers.

In Waterdeep, on the Feast of the Moon Syndra came home to an inter house mage-battle between her house Tirisfall Ascendency and Blackspire Gap. The conflict that night resulted in the unexpected death of Marcus Wands, Jarred Mallred, and the plane-slip of many Thayans as well as Syllia and the newborn baby Smendric.

Mid-Summer arrived, the time of ascension and the dragon’s final attack. At Tirisfall Ascendency everything was in place, faithful supporters, Raine’s colossus, and enhanced Wands house wizards with chakra essence ready to battle threats at sea, the land, or in the sky.

What came next was a battle of the gods, the ultimate king of the hill, and a nightmare come to life for the people of Waterdeep.

In the final moments, with all of the People’s Pantheon ascended or killed and Cyric’s malign group scattered, it soon came down to Frost Burn, Dajaronzie, and Syndra. As the sun set over Deep Water Harbor they fought, from the City of the Dead to Mount Waterdeep until suddenly Frostburn was snatched violently from the sky by Raine’s colossus leaving Syndra and Dagaronzie close to death on at the foot of the Celestial Stairway. Spell and claw clashed and blood splashed the mountain side. Below in the streets Raine’s east wall colossus grappled the albino red dragon, his wings and tail erasing entire neighborhoods from Waterdeep streets.

The break from Frostburn’s serpentine neck cut through the din haze like a crack in the ice. The sound  sent Dajaronzie into a rage so great that she turned on her own fallen pantheon stealing more divinity with each betrayal. Dajaronzie lusted for godhood and suddenly fashioned herself to be the next Storm Dragon unlike any ever known.

During the blood bath Syndra slowly crawled up the side of Mount Waterdeep, hand over hand reaching for the luminescent Celestial Stairs. Behind her came the wet horrific sound of bloody death approaching. Unfettered and fearless Syndra climbed; in all the seven realms Syndra Wands was the last to ascend to godhood.

In the company of stars, at the top of the stairs Syndra turned and looked down upon Toril as the new goddess of magic. She watched as Dajaronzie climbed the stairway in a stellar alarm. The two locked eyes; Dajaronzie’s eyes the color of panic and Mystra’s eyes the deep color of the universe. With a thought Mystra stripped Dajaronzie of her powers, dissolved the celestial stairway beneath her, and left the dragon trapped in the Mists between the planes.

By my hand
Shar Auvryndar