Monday, March 28, 2016

The Scholars of Rilenia

Carissa had never understood the reason for all of The Scholars secrecy but always secretly enjoyed the cloak and dagger nature of their communications and meetings.  Carissa could always tell when one of the messages had been crafted by Elkanzibar due to the playful nature of the message and his latest message certainly lived up to his reputation.  The message included a mathematical riddle that once Carissa solved, revealed the location of the next meeting.  The answer was the chemical compound for Sodanum and that answer provided Carissa the location for The Scholars of Rilenia next meeting.

Arcanthorth Vigmatto

One of The Scholars, Arcanthorth Vigmatto, owned a Riverboat he had christened Sodanum in an effort to convince other elves that the source of his wealth was the family's salt rocks and not gambling.  Given the general disdain the rest of the elves held for old Arcanthorth this naming subterfuge had failed.   The Scholars meeting would occur aboard the riverboat gambler Sodanum.  Carissa was thrilled at the prospect of having more to do this time than to confirm the groups lack of progress in finding anymore of the ancient tomes.  Gathering up her latest research, Carissa packed a small case and made her way down to the river walk.

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