Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Message from the First Cleric


With all respect nobleman, you must break the seal on the Crypt of Rothilion as soon as possible. The Dragonservants grow anxious; furthermore, I have been told by Luersa that the contingent phylactery has arrived for the ceremony should all else fail; her obsession with Midnight grows with each passing day. We shall soon have our hands on the items within the Irithlium so we may include them in the Immersion ritual. Take care that you acquire the Divine Scarab soon or Dagaronzie will be displeased - I doubt she would suffer well a second major setback in such short of time- not after Waterdeep; not to mention you will earn the enmity of the High Dragonservant. Oh, and I'm planning on putting a disease on that animal that Ryngoth treasures so much, I personally will not watch an ANIMAL benefit after a year of work and research.

First Cleric,

-Shamoor Emeny

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