Thursday, March 10, 2016

03/09/16 Tragidore Session 17: The Fall of the Cult of the Dragon

At long last the heroes of Tragidore seem to have caught up with the vile and elusive cult. After Yontryl of the Iron Hand revealed the secret passage; something she learned after 'questioning' the three captured cultists from Darnarest's tower. The passage's exit was fashioned into a memorial for an unidentified elven spell-danger, but was in fact a secret exit the Elven Royality used in wartime; a physical retreat due to the mythal restrictions on magical travel. After powering through the resident haunt the heroes were successful in locating the secret passage.

The narrow escape linking Castle Cormanthor with the Polyandrium was dark and ancient; it had a shallow trough that led to regular grates low along the walls for both air and excessive rainfall. The passage was not straight but turned and curved, descended and ascended; presumably to account for elven city buildings above. About a half hour into the delve the heroes encounter a turn in the passage and a cave-in which was quickly cleared with the help of four summoned small earth elementals.

After bypassing the collapsed tunnel the heroes could begin to feel the welling of energy like slowly walking into crashing waves of a magic ocean. With each wave, random wands and staffs were recharged of some of their lost magic as darkvision potions were spontaneously reconstituted. Magic rippled down the walls like light reflected off a pool of water as the first sounds of voices were could be heard. These were exclamations to a higher cause and proclamations to their dragon masters.

Following the passage around one final series of curves the heroes find that the escape passage comes up under a grand throne. A gilded grate under the throne's seat faced out on a cavernous audience chamber. The ceiling featured the elven pantheon looking down upon the elven races depicted in historical scenes on the chamber's walls. The floor featured tiled geometric designs focusing that converged on a swirling pool of raw magic. A black oily substance congealed like stains of blood in spots along the surface. Clearly visible through the thin delicate mesh were four cultists ceremoniously removing magical armor and clothing and casting them into the pool of radiance- all save for their iconic draconic masks and a single weapon; however they were not the only individuals present, the frightful presence of dragons could be felt if not immediately seen.

After disrobing stood a masked man holding a magical sword and plain unadorned shield, this was Ellis Giraud; another masked man, this one a naked spellcaster with locks of white hair and a familiar staff- the Dragonservant Holgast Raiserik; a masked nude woman with scarlet hair and a flaming longsword- the Blood-drenched Antipaladin Luersa; and finally to the right of the woman- a raven haired girl with an uguly vile mask but with skin as white as snow- Midnight.

Opposite these four, unseen until the heroes acted, were two dragons: Palasiraks and Dagaronzie, the half-dragon Marjon and three dragon-kin.

Upon seeing this creature the heroes' memories came back in a flood. Events from the Time of Troubles come back as everyone remembers how Dagaronzie evaded them throughout the year but, as fate would have it, the dragon has finally been confronted and the heroes become fully restored to tenth character level.

As the last drop of dragon blood fell, the sun crested the horizon and dropped its warm radiance across Myth Drannor ending the Cult of the Dragon's plans for the Pool of Radiance.

Somewhere in dark room and an unknown amount of time later Holgast Raiserik opened his inhuman eyes. Eyes that no longer saw things in normal light spectrum; instead the archmage could see deep into the heat spectrum- he had the dragonsight. Furthermore he felt that his arms and legs were different, lighter and quicker to obey the mental commands of his nervous system. Holgast smiled as he regarded his scaly skin and his new body- everything had worked perfectly. 

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