Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Journal of Marcus Wands: Myth Drannor

1 – Cormanthor Castle. The castle is completely intact, but Jared and I found it an impregnable stronghold of devils and gargoyles.

2 – Speculum. This old mages' hall is in disastrous condition. Our attempts to descend into the hall met with attacks from devils and ghastly a mutation of a mind flayer. We vacated the are immediately. 

3 – House of Song. The old Oghma temple is largely intact, but we had no time to research it. Strange music emanated from the temple at times. We have noted it for our next expedition.

4 – Tyrintar's Hall. This building is haunted by the undead. The central banquet hall still is relatively intact, but undead dine there.

5 – Irithlium. The walls of this old hall of magic still stand, and the dungeons beneath its ruins may have potential, but a curse affects mages here. Regardless of what precautions we take, we suffer severe headache and fall unconscious in this area.

6 – Tyryl Towers. The upper parts of this school were mostly blasted away in the Battle of the Army of Darkness, however, the two westernmost towers still stand. These are to be avoided at all costs. They are haunted and guarded by some sort of magical ghost. Much of the subterranean area of this school of wizardry remains intact, but the old lich of the school, Azimer, is too temperamental and insane. Somehow, he decided we were allies of the missing prince of Scardale, Lashan, and he beacame quite determined to destroy us, succeeding to some extent. We were forced to flee. The next expedition should be prepared to destroy this lich, so that we can conduct our research properly.

7 – Shaundakul's Throne. There is evidence that this temple honored a forgotten god Shaundakul. We were unable to tell whether he was an elven or human god, but we suspect the latter.

8 – Dragondark Tower. The upper levels of this school of wizardry were completely destroyed, but there are signs that lower levels still may be reachable with proper equipment.

9 – Windsong Tower. The walls of the greatest of Myth Drannor's wizard schools still stand, but whatever is to be found is underground. We entered these levels and found them highly intact but also filled by a pervasive, sickly magic that tried to draw us inwards and succeeding in winning some of us, who did not return again.

10 – Ursplindaar. This library doubtless held knowledge that was priceless, but everything that is on this site was blasted away, and we found no trace of it.

11 – Sanctorioum. This great library too has vanished beyond all trace.

12 – Incanistaeum. This was our one success. The upper levels of this great school of magic are partially intact but have been emptied of all treasure. We did succeed however in searching the first underground level, and this was the source of most of the magic returned to Waterdeep from this expedition.

13 – Tower of the Hand. The temple to Azuth may house lost Myth Drannor's greatest magical treasures, but as far as we can ascertain, the temple has vanished completely.

14 – Hall of the Guild of Naturalists. The eastern face of the hall has been blasted away, but the remaining walls still stand intact. However, this structure would more rightly be called the Hall of the Guild of Stirges. We turned back.

15 – Glyrryrl's Pool. This area too is completely mage cursed.

16 – Thelenaeum. The old hall of mage philosophers may indeed prove to be another great discovery. The upper level is fully destroyed but the subterranean entrance seems to have been fully protected by rubble. We descended a ladder in a shaft some two hundred feet and checked the beginning rooms. We had the impression the Thelaneum has been genuinely abandoned since the fall.

17 – Lathander's Farm. This colony of purposeless monk-priests seems to have set up a protective zone around its settlement that keeps devils out. We sought no contact or strife with the Morning Lord's priests – this time.

18 – Burial Glen. This is a doubly dangerous area. Undead haunt it by night, devils steal tombstones and drop them upon your head by day.

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