Thursday, January 1, 2015

Five Years Ago

Pæga Stígandr stood in the ruins of The Stone Forest, next to his loyal cousin the dwarf priest Geirr Guðleifr, a reassuring hand resting on Geirr’s shoulder Pæga explained, “We would be greater fools for ignoring the visions the lord provides you, I am prepared to pay the cost.” The dwarven priest’s shoulders slumped, sobbing then nodding, Geirr Guðleifr drew the dagger he had prepared for this moment plunging it deeply into Paga’s midsection while lowering his mortally wounded cousin to the floor.  Geirr Guðleifr’s sat down next to Pæga Stígandr and sang a dwarven dirge of dying while his beloved cousin died. When the dwarven priest finished singing the great dwarf Paega perished and for an hour the priest cried.  

As the sounds of Geirr’s cries dwindled, the human Ceruch Leren stepped forward from the shadows of the stone ruins, “Are you ready for me to begin?” Geirr Guðleifr stood up, gathering himself, “A prayer to our success before you begin Druid, this course of action is strange to me.”   Ceruch replied, “Keep me safe for the hour and my part in this strangeness will be over.”
                                                                       Ceruch Leren

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