Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Three Years Ago

Ceruch Leren sat comfortably in the den of Vorstrag Rockhammer sampling a new flavor of cigar.  Vorstrag explained that he had picked up a humidor from the Dragon’s Breath’s latest shipment. Geirr Guðleifr entered the den just as Vorstrag was returning the humidor to his desk.  Without breaking stride Geirr Guðleifr was able to grab a cigar before the lid was snapped shut.  Lighting the exotic leaf, Geirr Guðleifr asked Ceruch, “How is our man doing?” 

Ceruch’s pleasant mood quickly evaporated, “Pæga’s personality is breaking down, it’s much as we feared when this path was chosen.  As his personality breaks down and more memories are lost he grows angry and despondent.  LELAND finds different people to focus his anger upon which of late has been me. He has taken to calling me his creator in sarcastic tones whenever I advise him too sternly. Pæga struggles to make new relationships and is often lacking in confidence.  Luck is with us though because apparently the arcane arts attract eccentrics and social misfits, his strangeness makes him fit in.”

Geirr Guðleifr nodded his head in immediate prayer as he always did whenever Ceruch would update their cabal on Pæga’s progress. Ceruch and Vorstrag would then spend an hour listening to the old dwarf tell old tales, usually the same ones.  After smoking one of Vorstrag’s cigars and drinking his Amber Stout, the old dwarf would stumble sadly home.  

After Geirr Guðleifr was gone Vorstrag turned to Ceruch asking, “Was Leland successful?”  Ceruch simply replied, “The target was successfully eliminated.”

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