Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review 10/08/2014

Claustrum was an abomination of life. A creature alien to the mortal world and a being of insanity. It was as large as Avericia and every bit as malevolent. After the massive explosions and the attack of 1,000's of years of undead, the whole day was spent gathering what assets we had in the driftdowns and minimizing the collateral damage to the dire and dragon docks. The Neptune Serpent was not found after the maelstrom or was any mageguard sent to the drift downs but we did learn that Stormhaven has raised fifty feet revealing a new rune/sigil. As this was occurring elves and dwarves reignite their rebellious tactics on the upside including the decimation of propaganda.  

The next morning we travel to the Crown for out weekly Forward Thinkers meeting; obviously we see him working at a rapid pace obviously busy with the aboleth's move. Several topics were brought up including our knowledge of the currency of souls between Adalwin and the aboleth as well as our 'knowledge/ natural assumption' of the Time Dragon. His astonishment was evident. 

Adalwin compared the aboleth's action to a chess move, admitting that the aboleth had used his 'move' to not only interfere with Adalwin but to surge his own plans forward, specifically to unlock the entrance to another ancient, The Dragon of Time. Claustrum was unlocking Stormhaven much like the half dragon brothers unlocked legacy abilities, raising the city to get under the bottom layer of the world disk in order to gain access to the ancient beneath.

Later that morning back at the Cinder Block Durg informs us of a letter drop left in the gear of a mage in Durg's office. The letter was an offer from the dwarves and elves to complete Durg's next legacy by killing Adalwin. Much discussion followed. 
Returning to the Crown (before lockdown) Durg reveals the letter but was vague on how the drop was made. Adalwin burns the note to prevent scrying and isn't surprised by the attempt. This act of trust was well received. 

Leaving the Crown Versel decides to visit Tic Toc Castle, but first a stop at Nissian's Embassy. At the embassy we encounter the dwarf Grissle and the elf Everince who seek sequester but are summarily rebuffed. Assuming there to be a miss-communication they leave, however we do find evidence of their propaganda. Inside Jaren finds his wish scroll and before we leave we dictate to father what has occurred in the past 24 hours. 

Tic Toc Castle- after a brief conversation through the castle door with a female gnome, the master of the castle- another gnome greets us B. Underhall III. At first the little man assumes this is about an incident with Farley and Spade but we eventually transition to more important subjects like the time dragon, how long his family have been stewards of Tic Toc Castle, and when it would be a better time for an informative tour- after the chaos abates. 

We begin next session Friday morning after three days of downtime. 


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