Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Amir Sarosh's pride and the lessons of obedience

There was once a Janni noble named Amir Sarosh. He was a young and impetuous tribal warlord born in a harsh desert of this world, the location of which he was never exactly sure of. He was a skilled tactician, and was known for his willingness to take a seemingly outnumbered band against dragons, devils, and giants of the fierce desert, winning most frays with overwhelming ferocity and ruthless adherence to a policy of leaving no survivors among those they warred with. He was renowned for having a strong connection to natural flow of the elements and how nature responded to them, using talents and spells that most would identify with human druids. He was a master of his environment, and had even made a name for himself in the fabled City of  Brass among the nobles of Janni and Djinn alike.

Like most of his Janni blood, Sarosh hated the tyranny of the Efreet, slavers and despots. When he learned of camp of desert dwarves and fire giants that worshipped a particular Efrreti as a god, he was inflamed with rage. He pleaded with his fellow tribes to form a warband to destroy such a place, but his relatives were reluctant to start a war with an Efreet. But Amir Sarosh's words were persuasive and many Janni volunteered to ride against the enemy before the vile church grew. The elders argued, stating that the only way to deal with the Efreet was to appeal to their custom of law and negotiation, and to declare war on one was a grave mistake.

Two weeks after departure, Amir Sarosh was delivered to his homelands. Every warrior that rode with him had been slaughtered with same zeal that Sarosh's warbands were known for, and both thumbs of each warrior was delivered to prove it. They were delivered by Malik Qatar Muffeletta, the  Efrreti noble Sarosh failed so miserably against. Although Sarosh arrived in good health, the Malik physically beat him nigh unto death in front of his tribe before he said a word. At the conclusion of what was surely the most violent beating any one could live through, he turned and offered his terms to the collected elders of the tribes that were there.
"Your race is a disgrace to all our kind. You are weak and stupid, as your pathetic nobles such as this prove. To prevent me from accepting this offer of war, you must give over to me 25 of your men, warriors all. If you do not, I accept your action as war and will respond with a force of 25 battalions from my holdings in the City of Brass."

Sarosh was forced to pick the 25 warriors that were bought by the Malik that day. That was to be his last act as a noble. He was then stripped of rank and banished from his homeland, as well as the City of Brass. He was even stripped of his power to travel the elements and their worlds. His last image of the fabled City was as if he was falling ever faster away from it as his masters, a collection of Janni and Djinn nobles selected to judge his punishment, sent him somewhere on his home plane. "You must learn the lesson of obedience and the cost of pride".

Awaking in a land he had never heard of, he made his way until he knew enough of the local common to begin to talk to scholars and learned men, but this took some time as there were few such men to be found in the spacious and rural lands he had found. He eventually made his way to a coastal city, and it was soon obvious that he needed to see more of his world, and that sailing was going to allow him to see more than he could otherwise accomplish. So it was that Sarosh eventually and inevitably landed in Stormhaven.

Now, Amir Sarosh has reclaimed what was taken from him. Returned are his magic and status among his kind. His pact, of coarse, represents his submission to the lessons of obedience and to some extent  an awareness of not allowing pride to conflict with what is necessary. However, pride is as insidious a sin as there is. Pride grows stronger with every victory won, with every goal attained. Struck low, he found himself relying on diplomacy and communication and awareness to advance. Returned to his full powers and might, it was easy to rely on the ability to kill and destroy to affect the balance of affairs. Would he remember his lessons or would Pride always be the enemy to defeat Amir Sarosh.

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