Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review 01/14/2015

Our session began with a ceremonial pacting Sarosh and his linage as well as Sarosh with our dragon bloodline. This connection broadened our perspectives about one another as well as how this will play out in the end: the battle with the King.

Hours are spent in preparation, purification, and the acceptance of the items of worth that promise to propel Sarosh far beyond his station. Each of us was given insight into our early years: Arkiel protecting us, Youvrock’s plan on harvesting Auge for components, and Durg almost killing Youvrock.

Jaren: +5 Composite longbow (+4 Str), Madusa Mask, and a Rod of Nettles.
Versel: 200 gp. Staff of Performance (48,800), Unholy Staff (29,600), Oathbow (25,600), Ring of the Ram (8,600).
Auge: 415 gp. +4 Axiomatic weapon (72,000), Quick Block Buckler (36,155), Wand of Fire Breath (47 ch. 4,230)
Durg: Masterwork Platinum Torc (20,000), +4 Bracers of Armor (16,000), 3rd level Pearl of Power (9,000), +2 Adamantite Breastplate (8,000), Helm of Fearsome Mein (5,000), Gloves of Agile Strike (2,200), +2 Belt of Giant Strength (8,000), Gloves of Arrow Snaring (4,000), +2 Amulet of Natural Armor (8,000),  Necklace of Fireballs II (2,700), +3 Cloak of Resistance, Ring of Spell Knowledge II (6,000), Bottle of Air (1,500).

At the Court we were visited with much formality and the acceptance of offerings elevating Sarosh to the highest level affording him a Kingdom: an ocean on the elemental plane of water where the Breach is.

After the five hour long ceremony the Sons of Nissian including Jaren’s new cohort Anan Viator, prepared for the battle against the Marid King. Teleporting to a territory littered with massive oysters we appear in the correct massive shell, bypassing much of the King’s defenses; all save for the King (baby), an earth elemental dragon, and the deep hunter.

After some choice critical hits (carve your initials) and a successful Quivering Palm, the Marid surrendered his Kingship to Sarosh. With this also came insight in to the long history of Stormhaven and the time-trap that is present and our (Nissian’s) purpose to tether Stormhaven to this time… the age of dragons. Well played father.

As we finish, Sarosh banishes the Marid-Bard to Stormhaven and we begin preparations marshaling the troops for an offensive through the Breach and against the Aboleth. 

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Gordzilla said...

I was thinking about something Rob said and I want to clear up something. The time bubble Stormhaven is in isn't from the beginning of Stormhaven to X point. Its a 150 year stretch (I don't have the timeline in front of me).

Point being the live die reset doesn't go back to the beginning of Stormhaven, it goes back roughly 150 years but well after the founding and several generations of havenites.