Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jacket and Ale Mixer

The Sultan- Human? Male. Seizing an opportunity organized many of the Jacket and Ale attendees to hearing an idea for a Global Exchange Merchant Society. To exist wholly outside of politics and to build and strengthen individual trade ports. Each would be given hometown rule; we would support each other and dispense disciplines monetarily in the spirit of business- not politics.
Melissa Izanami- Half-dragon female. Was the one who brought up the jailer and her contention that current Stormhaven leadership was not good for its long term trade prosperity, but her expertise earns her favor with Adalwin. Melissa’s expertise lies in planar travel, therefore her value with ‘G.E.M.S.’ comes from that. Furthermore while not from Stormhaven she volunteers herself as the organization’s tie to the Dragon Docks.  
Maycorth- Human male. Was every pleased and agreeable with just about everything.
Vesper- Elf female. Conveys to Durg a response from the Dwarves and Elves to Adalwin’s offer of the Dirftdowns or nothing; a truce until the Jailer is defeated. Given her past associations Auge thinks she may be a viable unwitting spy for us in Africa.
Turlock- Human male. Trades with exotic sea races.
Potior- Human male 11th level Wizard. Former house wizard, now Cinder Block wizard under Jaren’s leadership; he gives Jaren two spellbooks.
Hiens Imber- Human male 9th level Wizard. Former house wizard, now Cinder Block wizard under Jaren’s leadership; neither men are from Stormhaven but are agreeable to returning when their services are needed.
Fiest- Human male. Language expert and black marketer (who has the ticket for when the jailer is defeated).
Cramston- Human male. More gold than the world’s largest churches his trade interest is due to his lack of presence in Africa.
Cadmar Embry- Human male. Expressed interest in entering Versel’s school of the Winter Blade. As for the global exchange, he was our biggest supporter in our armada to Nimbus.
Sampson Dragonsbane- Human male master rapierist. (we skipped him or I have no notes.)
Savidia Rockhammer- Gnome female alchemist. opted out of the Sultan’s proposition.
Archia Starkmore- Human female. Daughter of Etrian Starkmore also opted out.

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