Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Covenant and a Plan

Perge Insual would have been amused had the challenge not been delivered by the tainted water elemental.  The Marid King did not enjoy having his security so obviously breached, let alone to read of a challenge from a former servant in his army.  It appeared that the insolent janni had risen in stature considerably; the last Perge had heard of the janni Sarosh he was being banished.    Now the pacted nobleman Sarosh was announcing his intention to appear in this very shellchamber to challenge Perge for rulership of the Breach.  Sarosh certainly seemed confident in his ability to enter Perge’s royal court.  Perge Insual ordered the tainted messenger destroyed while he entered the royal wizard’s catacomb. Sarosh the janni was not the only one with a pact. 

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