Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review 01/28/2015

As we spend the day preparing for our attack through the breach several truths became apparent to us
in regards to time, scrying and our ties to Stormhaven. The only success wrought through scrying came when a time was looked upon where we would be; furthermore, theoretically we could be scryed on by someone when we and the diviner are outside Stormhaven. And on a side note, the Undefeated are also victims of the time-trap of Stormhaven.

Scores of dire sea monsters, sharks, were-sharks, and unique beings were gathering relying on us to successfully take them through the breach. As Anan Viator prayed to Tiamat she took on a draconic aspect, Jaren attempted to discern the jailer's location to no avail. Layers of timelines streamed before us as we led the sea army though the breach into violent waters drenched with blood and gore. It was a battlefield filled with storm giants, and the jailer’s minions; it was the first offensive by the thing that should not be.

It seems that there is either several aboleths or one with different versions of itself; either way what we encountered was a gargantuan aboleth bearing down on one of the Storm Giant’s cloud fortresses that had come to rest at the bottom of the sea.

The jailer attacked with five different consciousnesses and was successfully able to fight us off. We were not its target for its offensive so we were able to escape to Nimbus where Anan and Hislop were revived from death or near-death.

The next day was spent in rest and recovery as we discussed how to attack the jailer again with death wards, scintillating scales, and perhaps when the creature was not on the rampage. Anan, with the help of an offering to Tiamat of a +1 Bolstering Breastplate, was able to remove the ability drain caused by the alien jailer.

The next day we fly to Spragle Tower, Darkell and the temple of Tiamat. The mummified remains had been further revealed offering its terrible beauty to the drow citizens. We are met graciously by Diem, servants, and the temple’s architect as well as other drow bearing Tiamat symbolism that immediately sent word to the Queen of our (Auge’s) arrival.

Moments later four imperial guards appear in advance of the Queen, bards, and finally the Queen’s daughters and the Queen Darakal, herself appears. Dressed in proper Queen attire as well as the Neckless of Netted Stars she took Auge by the clawed hands and pronounced him as her betrothed. Accepting the Age of Dragons she looked for approval from members of her entourage who accepted the union.

Auge vowed to take her into hell with him, after which Darakal called forth Diem and the temple’s architect, scarred their foreheads and called them to proclaim the Temple of Tiamat a church for all, males and females. Following this one of Darakal’s entourage stepped forth and opened a gate to the first layer of hell, its hot breath filling the newly recognized Temple of Tiamat. 

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