Saturday, January 17, 2015

Spell Selection

the following is a list of spells, and who casts them, to prepare for our assault. Please note in the comments which spells you would like cast upon you.

Sarosh  CL 15
     protection from energy
     freedom of movement

Anan CL  13
     battle plan (deep magic)
     holy chance
     blessing of fervor
     shield of fortification greater
     protection from evil

Jaren  CL 17
     true seeing
     improved invisibility
     undeath ward
just thought id give you guys some heads up of what was available.


Russ said...

I would sign up for a few.
True seeing
Freedom of movement
Protection from energy cold
And I would sit in on the battle plan casting.

I have a Barkskin wand it's only +3 but it could save Sarosh a spell slot if you would rather use it?

harrygoblin said...

sarosh isnt going with us,it would be a prep spell before we left, at a+5 There is no need to try to conserve his spell slots Iknow some of the spells are short duration, but i wanted you all to be able to know what was available so you could arrange magic slots accordingly