Monday, January 5, 2015

Four and a Half Years Ago

Lucretia Lalita                                                                               Ceruch Leren

The man formally known as Pæga finished his salmon steak and poured another ladle of Gar stew into his bread bowl while Lucretia reviewed his application for greater studies at the Black Crown.  Ceruch Leren interrupted the now mostly human appearing Pæga’s feast and asked, “So besides impressing my wife with the forms you’ve managed to fill out have you managed to get any more information from Jamila? We must be certain you won’t set of any alarms or wards, depending on who caught you, you could be tortured.”

“Forgive my husband, Paega…” Lucretia paused, correcting herself and using the former dwarf’s new name, “I’m sorry, I need to get used to this new moniker of yours, Leland.  For whatever reason your new half elven form doesn't hinder me nearly as much as your name.”

The silence created a pause that was painful, both Ceruch and his wife Lucretia knew how emotionally upsetting the change was for Pæga now Leland. Where the dwarf Pæga was a legendary general respected by his people, the newly reincarnated Leland was a half elven stranger tasked with living in a new mortal form while mastering arcane arts.  An effort entirely undertook in order to gain access to the Black Crown and prevent some unknown future calamity foreseen in Pæga’s cousin’s religious divination.

Leland set his spoon back into the bread bowl and subconsciously reached for a beard that was no longer there before speaking, “I hope you both know how grateful I am, your assistance in this transition will not be forgotten by the founders. Ceruch I’m happy to report that Jamila gave me a complete tour of the tower and explained that if I was willing to work there were ways someone of my station could be granted access to an education at the Black Crown.  I of course expressed a keen interest and she has signed me up for butler training.  Jamila indicated that the shortage of servants and staff at the tower is so severe that they offer one hour of training for every two hours worked.” Leland chuckled, “If I’ve been detected I think they intend to punish me with years of indentured servitude.”

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