Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review 01/07/2015

Our session began with the dinner with Cavian Seawillow where we learn the who’s who of the Undefeated; furthermore he will be our escort during tomorrow morning’s war council with said Undefeated. Cavian was distant but cordial and was curious of Adalwin’s status to which Jaren informs him that Adalwin has indeed been defeated but only for the moment, however we did not meet Adalwin in the flesh but we did converse with him. We formally assure the elf that the Jailer is public enemy number one. Gifts of etiquette and diplomacy would be exchanged after Claustrum was defeated.

The next day at dawn the Sons of Nissian converge on the Seawillow estate where a dense cloud bank was waiting to cloud-walk us to a receiving landmass and a least pillar, then on to the war council.

The war council was a domed structure capable of housing a small city. Surrounding a magical crystalline surface was the Undefeated, including clerics and assistants. The council was hours full of formal debate and structure between parties we were sometimes not allowed to perceive, but allowed us to learn about the giants and how their titles and the power of those titles functioned.

The Chamberlain controlled much of the council but it was the Master of the Enemy, Tarium that held everyone’s attention. Tarium presented a profile of the Jailer’s forces; undead in the hundred’s of thousands as well as other sea creatures and entities. Other ancients are mentioned, Adalwin, Nissian, the ‘unknown’ at play. Tarium also expressed his belief an all out attack was coming soon, the presence of the Undefeated will surely have moved it’s time-table ahead. However, it was the Seamaster that told of place in the Jailer’s domain that border a hellish-water plane. Before long a rough three-tiered battle plan began to take shape and eventually it was time for final business where we petitioned to have private audience with Socius, Ianuae, and Gladius Lamina.

It was after midnight before we were seen by what turned out to be a number of ranking giants including the Chamberlain after telling them of Earthbreaker Hammer and our hope to use it to broker a contract with them in our land war in Africa. This gives us instant movement to the front of the line of prospective employers provided we do not advertise or offer the weapon to anyone else while an agreement is being considered, but to seal our trust he provides us with war council robes. Nice.

Socius recognizes the power structure here and is curious if we plan on joining the fight and for whom. We maintain, as we always have, there is no future for Stormhaven while the Jailer is here. Anything else waits, but we did express interest in being part of any plan they had, given our specialties. He informs us that the plan as it sits that the five cloud banks will descend under water and provide fallback points in what will likely be a long and deadly battle. And in the spirit of information sharing we tell them of the Jailer’s end game as we understand it.

After a long war council and a post council meeting we cloud-walk back to the Seawillows where we decide to revisit the VanFleet estate only to find the dwarves have moved in and set up to defend it. Once inside however we find a inert sacrificial portal that could theoretically take us anywhere in hell.

Then at approximately three o’clock all of Stormhaven lost access to their magics as their links to watermarks was severed. This was followed by waves of mental attacks that left us briefly unconscious for a few hours. 

We wake to screaming sounds of dozens of hurricanes converging on Stormhaven, it was over six hours before the storms abated somewhat allowing us to travel to the Embassy. 

Outside VanFleet manor ocean water was lapping up on the edge of the World Disk as somehow ocean water was elevated creating a constant slope of water. From out of the water came undead by the hundreds. 

It took us an hour to get to the Embassy, stopping for no one so we can restore our magic by countering the time anomaly inherent in Stormhaven. We also find Nissian who can only stay for a short time. He says the chamber of time has been piereced but no broken, the jailer is attempting to 'turn over the hourglass' so when it is horizontal the Jailer will have unfettered access to the time-dragon. Before he leaves he grants us each a wish:

Durg- Word of Recall for us to the temple in Nimbus at a moment of dire need. 
Auge- permanent *Hidden Turename spell
Versel- +1 bonus to CON
Jaren- +1 bonus to INT

As a parting gift Nissian dissipates the hurricanes. Thanks dad! When he leaves all doors, drawers, secret alcoves open. Nissian taking everything he requires with him leaving us with certain finds: a alchemical discovery that allows fires to burn wet objects but in half the area; an instant fortress for the war, and two freethinker caps. 

Later than night, Durg and Jaren travel to Staircase keep and retrieve the Broken Coven before going to the Crown. The Crown was devastated and was obviously a primary target for the Jailer, no one survived but it was discovered that Melissa was not here. The two fill Auge's famous folding barrels with 1,500 lbs of books including Durg's treasures found in the return bin that added to the value. 

It was late night when the Sons of Nissian were all present at the Cinder Block including: Arkiel, Kalaris Deidre, Pilinni, the White Spider, and Hogni. 

Over the next day Jaren transports everyone just named, possibly others. 

We pick up in Nimbus later that day, 5pm with the Covenant ceremony with Sorosh. 

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