Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review 09/10/2014

We start the day early at the Cinder Block; Auge devoted three hours to poison crafting, learning in the process that crafting in the radiance of the Heartstone would yield benefits. Jaren continued his reading while Durg and Versel drop in on the Cinder Block.

While enjoying the first in a series of breakfasts Claret approached Durg and Versel with word of a visiting merchant. Maycorth a human, who comes with a 5 - 10k gp gem and a plea for help. As Maycorth was caught up in the armada attack while he was on his way to Stormhaven; believes some of his family were sold to buyers from the Continent. While Maycorth originally came here to investigate the infamous Prison below, it was after some information gathering that he believes Uvrock was the association he was looking for. This lead him to Lowport and a cabal of wizards (the Verbond Group) who paid with Egyptian Dwarven slaves. 
Maycorth spoke of a variety of ways to compensate us but unfortunately not all of us were at this impromptu meeting so it was arranged that Maycorth would return tomorrow for dinner. 

This was followed by another human, Spicel. He indicated the Scarski brothers said SONS was looking for help locating Danzil and that he could look for Danzil. Versel, before investing anything, visits Spicel's abode in a former money changer estate. Versel spoke of reopening Sunbow Mansion and that Spicel could have his job back if he provides viable information about Danzil and Vinco's whereabouts; furthermore he gives Spicel 50 gp toward that endeavor. Spicel suspects Danzil is held up in an elf or dwarf estate but will work to find him. 

11 am. In our secure office Deidra sat and listened carefully to Versel's proposal to hire her as our Business Manager: The Lifts, Teamsters, Winter Blade, the Docks (Dragon and Dire) Neutral Grounds wagering, Vial and Flask/ Auction House, Cinder Block property management, Twilight House, Sunbow... She was also fairly warned that many business associates have gone missing at one time or another- some never to be seen again but this agreement does comes Adalwin's approval for whatever that means for her. After some lengthy talk she agrees to look at our ledgers and books but we all agree to strike the word 'guild' from all business language henceforth. 

When asked her goals she responded with a vision of Stormhaven as a trade empire and to fully realize the potential of the jewel we stand upon, it was then she revealed her tattoo of greed. Auge decided at that point he would have this woman. 
3 pm. We arrive at Twilight House and make our first contact with the half green dragon Cose. Cose was a wizard/sorcerer, extremely apologetic, and minus his big brother Bale. Moving our meeting to our favored tower we beset him with a series of questions. Not before, however; we notice his poor flying skills and just how young and different he was to the rest of us. Just a half dragon, no sin (although he tattooed the mark of wrath on himself), and absent preconceived racial hatreds. 

What was it like before you woke? Jaren asked, intrigued at these other created half dragons. Like a constant state of nightmares. Was Uvrock there? Unknown, but he retells a magical battery of training to eventually become air assault troops. Arkiel is responsible for their freedom and therefore has strong loyalties to him. 

How did they get into our Lair? It was open for them. What lead you to the Embassy? It was Arkiel's idea to placate our trespassing offense with a note, that was about two months ago, the last time Cose saw Arkiel.

This prompted us to scry for Arkiel to find him on an eastern island whaling ship bound for Stormhaven. Jaren teleports to get him and Kalaris and returns. After Arkiel and Cose catch up, we debrief him on what has transpired over the last four months. Arkiel details his agreements make with the eastern whalers as well as the circumstances behind the half dragons Cose and Bale. 

Bale and Cose come from a clutch of twelve created half dragons who were successfully delivered (to the Verbond Group) on the Continent; the conflict that ensued lead to the closure of the warehouse portal. Arkiel also has knowledge of 500 ogres purchased by Adalwin Joscelin who were eventually taken (more like handed over) to the jailer. 

Jaren retired early to log in more reading but the rest of us greedy dragons stayed throughout the night while Auge and Deirdre hit it off together talking tattoos and chemistry both alchemical and body chemistry. 

Some of the major subjects of interest looking forward:
Look for Maycorth's family. 
The Verbond Group (green cloaks)
The Jailer
Avericia's War
The Giant's Hoard (starmetal) 

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