Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review 10/15/2014

We began the session Friday morning; Auge finishing his pearly white spindle ioun stone and Jaren concluding three days of construction on the Temple to Tiamat, swirling chromatic colors washing through the veins of the marble. 

A brief morning messaging with Adalwin points to a shortage of guards men; he has drafted bards into the mageguard but not a day has gone by since the maelstrom that there has not been fighting in the streets. Talk wavered between sending 100 Dragonsbane soldiers to bolster peace keeping and to forging new contracts with Twilight House. 

Adalwin handed down an executive order whereby until the unrest subsides all mageguard henceforth will be uniformed and disguised as to appear the same. Because he plans in secret on participating in field detail to attack the elves and the dwarves. The tactic would hopefully keep the founding families offguard. In the meantime Adalwin would extend a ludicris offer to the elves and dwarves... you may have the driftdowns, in other words you'll have nothing and like it. 

In light of this news and in the vein of Versel's tactics on keeping our enemies busy fighting each other, Auge posed a suggestion to anonymously send a message to the elves and dwarves warning them of Adalwin's personal involvement in patrols and identical appearances.

Also during our breakfasts messages came in as well as Arkiel's valid concern for Stormhaven's longterm economic outlook- it would be many cycles before normal commerce resumes. One message from Evaristus Phocas and his information about Kaer Maga: it is receding in accordance to its normal behavior.  

After breakfast the brothers red split up. Auge pretty much busied himself with the night's Jacket and Ale event. First stopping by Sunbow Mansion to discover a somber affair as many of the patrons were sailors who had lost everything in the maelstrom.  Speaking with one of the Scarski's Auge pays 1500 gold to move Sunbow's whores and operation for the night to the Cinder Block. 

After Sunbow Auge then heads to the Dragon's Breath to make a large purchase of cigars for that night. After enventually making his way in Auge discovers a mystery- Atavah Sunthrower is gone. 

Durg logs in time at the office as he looks for a way to follow through with the proposed plan of warning the elves and dwarves of Adalwin's deceptions. He comes up with three scribes that would be easy to frame the message on: Eichorn, Feagle, and Bailentine (a goblin or whatever). 

Jaren and Versel teleport to Nimbus to retrieve Anan Viator. While in Nimbus they speak with Erilis about expanding SONS presence in Nimbus by setting up a corporation with him as our representative. Again he expressed interest in Ioun stones- green or lavender ellipsoids, offering to pay creation costs but he's in no hurry. Seeing we have ships waiting to dock that have ogre-barbarians Versel sets them on lumbering detail- at least for the next three days. 

Back in time for lunch Jaren and Versel return with Anan and her two guards Max and HP. Once here she asks if she can plant a feather token in front of the Cinder Block. A tree from the continent, tonight during our party. 

About this time Auge returned to the Cinder Block and informed his brothers about the Dragon's Breath. Investigating the Dragon's Breath we find a couple of house wizards/ members: Potior and Hiens Imber. Together we were able to piece together Youvalan's capture of Atavah using her Truename as well as the pilfering of the membership database, purchase orders, and the personal affects stored here by the various members- including Auge's luxurious smoking chair.  There was dried blood and magical copy ledgers that hold a truename in its code, but Jaren has yet to puzzle it out. 
Auge tasks the White Spider with 1500 gold to see all the humidors and equipment moved to the Cinder Block where the New Dragon's Breath will now be located. 

Later that night, during the Jacket and Ale, a dozen individuals arrived each bearing gifts, disguised and accompanied with security. Each were given free memberships to the New Dragon's Breath as well as a Sipping Jacket. Over time either by scent or by their own reveal we identified each: 

Cadmar Embry
Melissa Izanami
The Sultan
Sampson Dragonsbane
Savidia Rockhammer (Gnome alchemist)
Archia Starkmore
Hiens Imber

We begin next session still at the party, speaking first with Savidia. 

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