Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turlock's Challenge

His fear wasn’t just his life or Turlock would have visited the Vial and Flask well before the “Jacket Party”.  The risk wasn’t just the curse or even discovery and exposure.  No the greatest risk was being returned to the Jailer’s waters where he would awaken again in the deepest ocean trenches, stuck, not swimming, the slow torture of time.  He would be forced to wait until the new form was freed from the greater depths and he could once again escape, or he would experience his new form perish, only to begin the nightmare anew.  Turlock knew that if he didn’t attempt to sway these surface folk they would soon discover why the city they called Stormhaven had been abandoned.   Turlock entered, offering a silent prayer to Dakuwaqa to keep his curse from ruining both his and their chances. 

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