Monday, October 27, 2014

I am you as you are me as you are we as we are all together

Sampson Dragonsbane understood the crossroad he stood at when the Sultan mentioned his idea of a Global Exchange. Stormhaven was dying, the salt empire of shipping lanes and mercenaries his family had built would die along with it unless Sampson made the correct choice here at the Vial and Flask on Jacket & Ale night. Sampson had traveled all over the world and had faced numerous moments of decision that were truly life and death but never before had his choice meant the life or death of his families heritage.  The still new leader and Chairman of the Four Winds decided he needed to listen as long as he could before making a decision.  

Luck seemed to be with Sampson as he simply took steps back away from all those gathered during Hogni’s impressive construct display. Standing back in the shadows, Sampson stepped behind a counter and listened, his mind pouring over his family’s limited options.

“What have we here?” a metallic voice, tinny and small spoke from Dragonsbane’s feet. Looking down at a strange sight, Sampson stared at a strange little clockwork creature, barely two feet tall, he was not sure if he could believe it was talking to him.  Sampson looked around to see if one of the guests or Hogni was playing a trick on him.  The clockwork creature tugged on Sampson’s pant leg, “Down here simpleton, I’m speak’en to YA.”  The chairman of the Four Winds found his voice stammering out, “Excuse me?!” The tiny creature was a marvel and Sampson found himself enraptured, staring, almost laughing at the top hat it wore.

“Well you are a polite trespasser, you’re in my work space, you need to step around the counter” continued the metal miracle, “Quickly before you break something.”
Sampson stepped around the counter lost in conversation with the clockwork builder.  After much conversation Sampson realized that the time had gotten away from him and the others had left the Vial and Flask.  Sampson was alone with the creature. “I’m sorry but in all this time I never asked you, what is your name? Mine is Sampson, Sampson Dragonsbane and I must confess this is one of the most amazing nights of my life”

From the corner of Sampson’s eye he could see Hogni entering the shop.  Turning towards the crafter just as Hogni passed by, Hogni appeared to ignore that Sampson was there, startling Dragonsbane. “What, sorry, Hello?”  Sampson called out to Hogni.  From behind the chairman of Four Winds, the tinny metallic voice responded to Sampson’s query, “I am, we are, Hogni”.

Chains dropped down from the ceiling immediately grappling Sampson while several small clockwork builders swarmed over the shocked nobleman, cutting and tearing into him. Several small tinny metallic voices now spoke as one, “Now is your time to become the creation!” 

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