Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review 10/22/2014

We began our session during Friday night’s Jacket and Ale night. This exclusive party was host to several announcements, the gifting of sipping jackets, Hogni’s golem demonstration, and the planting of an African tree. White Spider was made manager of the new Dragon’s Breath; Savidia was placed on the payroll, and the drow Anan was introduced to our circle of trust.

Talk at the affair ranged along current topics before The Sultan proposed an idea for a Global exchange, merchants allied during these dire economic times. The merchant society would give home rule to that individual exchange partner but is aimed at opening ports that were unreachable before.

This seems aligned with our general plan for restoring Stormhaven as a resource, so it was not long before an agreement for a Global Exchange Merchant Society was conceived.

Outside the meeting Savida and Archia Starkmore waited. Versel spoke with Savida about her expertise with nonmagical alchemy and that we collect gnomes. She will return in the morning. Potior and Hiens are given rooms in the Cinder Block.

Later than night Jaren sees this.

The next morning we speak with Savidia at length about her alchemy, bandersnatches, and her coming to Africa to practice her trade. In exchange for protection, titles, land and lasting wealth she will create our dirty-bombs for a year. Satibell and Pilini also sit in on the meeting.

Later Versel acclimates Cadmar to the School of the Winter blade and distributes some magic items to some of Versel’s trusted minions.

Durg informs Adalwin of the Dwarves and Elves counter offer to which his response was: agreed contingent on them organizing a vanguard to lead against the jailer.

We begin next session Monday- our day of departure to Nimbus. 


Gordzilla said...

I may be late to the party but:

Global Exchange Merchant Society


That's awesome. Next Session, Dec 17th, the DC to recover Action Die is 18 for everyone.

James Caruso said...

You got it! :)

Also I want to revisit our idea about minting our own coins in Nimbus. Perhaps the 50k in platinum to get that started?