Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Wedding Rehearsal

After a six month long arranged, long-distance courtship through the winter months; Syllia Abarbrent of Than and Marcus Wands are to be joined under the gods. The date has always been important in this agreement between parties: when Chandos (associated with Grumbar elemental earth) enters the constellation of Cassiopia and her rocking chair of stars. Under the Tarkakh spring full moon, popularly known as the Kissing Moon. Such nuptials under these conditions will promote a fertile union and longevity.

Among your peers, there are several groups of guests: (In no particular order)
  • Priests in Protets: A trio of of Azuth followers bearing gifts seemingly preoccupied with unsettling current developments. 
  • The Blinkstone Companions: Another trio of individuals, these three: a Paladin, a Cassalanter and a Master Weaponsmith- sit brainstorming on a joint venture. 
  • Don't talk to the help!: Durnan has arranged the necessary food and drink. Two servers of this arrangement are intently interested in what the topic the Blinkstone Companions are occupied with. 
  • Trouble comes in threes: Yet another trio- these are wizards (memebers of the wizards Order) who are troubled with the fallout of a slave nation being granted an Embassy in a free city-state.
  • Wand Support: Council the Adviser for Wands, pledges the family support to the Horseman’s Association and soon to be announced project. 
  • Missing Bard: Jayson "the Bard" three days overdue to port.

  • Bridesmaids and the Best Man: The Blackstaff (best man) and Veshsam (mercenary for Wands) needs to honor a favor to appoint pages for the Palaver. The Bridesmades acolytes of Gargauth (LE/ betrayal, political corruption & powerbrokers).


Gordzilla said...

Anyone else interested in finding the bard after the race?

James I'd like to work up some betting action on the race for the cavalier, since I know he is a gambler

harrygoblin said...

I plan on passing along the message from our benefactor sage, and at the same time explain that "some of the younger children are getting anxious and we have decided to go look to see if the bard is lost, and stretch our legs a bit".

James said...

Awesome Butch!

robm1171 said...

i've heard of a secret door behind a bed, here in the castle. i know where the room is but couldn't find the door. thing is, the way the room is set in the building, there's not enough space for a room of any size...