Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Crusades (Part Six: Year of the Catacombs)

In the Year of the Catacombs; the seven half sons and daughters of King Samular, ventured forth in many crusades for their father who was, by anointment of the church of Tempus, king by divine right rather than royal blood. They continued the crusades their father began so many years ago, holy quests that would eventually see the end of terror the fierce dragons held in the north-realms. However there were nefarious individuals who would see their demise.

Sai Heronimus was a high-priest and one of the deacons of the Tempus Temple, a military fortification and sanctuary. Heronimus, son of Samular was devout to his god, but he had an insatiable attraction to woman and had a difficult time avoiding them and their temptations. Although he had committed some indiscretions, was considered a powerful and wise priest who proved himself a valuable asset to Tempus putting the good of the church above all else.

Lady-Sai Xanthom Oriana was somewhat vain half-elf, she was known for her sword play as well as a devout priestess of Tempus. She helped Heronimus as director of her temple becoming a favorite of Tempus. Her time is spent administering the matters of the church. Together they made great discoveries that were lost in ancient tomes and scripts- all in efforts to finding the lost legacies.

Elsewhere… Karlott looked up at Crimson; her enchanting eyes and pouting lips were a rich scarlet color matching the hue of her vivid scales. Vain and contemptuous the dragoness was Karlott’s favorite co-conspirator; she had her motives but for now these motives at least aligned with his own.

“I believe the Samular brats have discovered clues to the location of one of Frostburn’s lairs.” Karlott’s tone was irritated. Frostburn was an Alpha-male and the most feared dragon of the North. No other bull-male dragons or females for that matter had survived a confrontation with him. Karlott continued, “They are on the hunt for the remaining Weapons of Legacy.” Crimson stirred impatiently, but Karlott ignored her and went on. “They cannot be allowed to gather these, for if they assemble… I fear that not even the fury of Frostburn could hope to contain them.”

“What shall we do?” Crimson asked in dramatic fashion, feigning fear and worry. Now it was Karlott’s turn to show impatience. “We crush them from the inside and turn them against each other, an old trick true but I understand you have a cache of cursed magic items that will prove to be useful.”

Crimson was shocked to hear Karlott knew as much as he did. “Go on,” she bayed. Karlott smiled and did so, “The church of Auril has agreed to sacrifice a number of acolytes that will bind one of these cursed items- a magical helm I believe will suit our purposes, to their church thereby creating a rift between the knights and their beliefs. They will be in disarray and without the favor of their god. The Knights of Samular will then fall to the Cult and the Dragons of the north.” Karlott’s grin widened to mimic Crimson’s own smile.


robm1171 said...

Bordane: Ahhhh, the treachery becomes clear...

James said...

(Griffith, Chadwick, Eden, Briar and Wayne) "So let us get this right- we are all descendants of King Samular and...

1. Xanthom Oriana, Half elf- is Briar's relation.
2. Tancred, the griffon rider is Tauron's.
3. Allisa, Paladin of the Mists is Eden's.
4. Edrick the “Thunderstaff” is Daminan and Bordane's.
5. 'Blademistress' Adrianna is Eva's relation and
6. Heronimus is Wayne's.

Chadwick and Griffith's ancestors still elude us.