Monday, October 17, 2011

Horse Auction Primer

What is threaded stock?

Threaded horses have their lineage carefully documented and represent the best assets the breed offers. Threaded stock set the standards the breed is judged by, and must meet certain requirements of appearance and stature. Also, a horse must be bred from both a threaded mare and a threaded stallion to be registered as threaded stock. Threaded stock can be seen as masterwork variety horses, and costs double the listed amount for their type of horse. Any threaded mount put to work at a task it was bred for can apply a +2 bonus to any skill check required to complete it’s tasks. Also affecting the price of a horse is whether or not it is capable of breeding. A gelding costs the standard amount, but a mare or stallion costs double the listed amount, or triple the amount for threaded stock (that includes the "masterwork" expense).

For simplicity’s sake, breeds of horses can be lumped together by the type of work they are bred for. There are 5 basic breed types that covers the wide range of game uses.Different bloodlines of a breed are usually denoted by its name. For example, Tauron’s horses are Tarm Drafts, and Tarm Standardbreds. Rusher is an Ilzimmer Thoroughbred.

Draft – Draft horses are heavy horses, and are used for heavy work, feats of strength, and warhorse mounts. Modern breeds would include Shires, Clydesdales, Percherons, and Belgians.

Thoroughbred – Thoroughbreds are heavy horses and are used in horse racing and warhorses. They are speed specialists. These are the powerful horses you see at modern racetracks that run so hard they break their own legs.

Standardbred - These breeds are light horses, and are bred for a stunning variety of abilities. They are used for riding, normal labor, work of all kinds with wagons and carts, and even light warhorses. These horses have remarkable endurance. The horses that we have seen in all the cowboy movies exemplify the horses of these breeds.

Warmbloods – These breeds are light horses. They are the favorite breeds of nobility, horse lovers, and pet owners.These horses are renown for their intelligence and high spirited nature. They are used for riding, racing, pets, trick riding and advanced riding competitions. Arabians, Lipizzaner, and the horses used in polo matches and circus acts all are warmbloods.

Specialty – Specialty breeds include ponies (which are horses bred to be under a certain size), The Stoalzaner described by James, or any other different breeds that may be introduced.


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