Friday, October 7, 2011

Tales from Kara Tur

Ting Mie Wan was of sharp mind, ruthless intent and driven beyond any woman in the history of the far east. Born into the criminal underworld of Kara Tur, she developed an uncontrolled lust for power and domination; Ting Mie Wan is ever watchful for any means to take action that will put her in line for greater dominance. Through her training she developed a fiery tongue in the arena of politics as well as dominion over air in the Emerald Halls of Chan Cheng, the martial god.

During the night of the weeping moon, tears fell to the lesser immortals: Jade Ladies, Moon Women, Spirit Warriors, and Rice Spirits; these immortals give voice to the prime immortals what serve the Celestial Emperor. One such Spirit Warrior came in the form of Okuma, a maddened spirit-touched samurai of brass and iron; touched by the spirit of Sunichi Mukai, legend says to be the spirit of the Swordsman.

The Swordsman watched from its celestial post, as a magical emerald fell into Okuma possession. The gemstone was instrumental as Okuma was hastily elevated among his peers, despite his crazed fits of rage; thanks to his cunning, otherworldly protection and astounding luck. These promotions attracted the attention of Ting Mie Wan whose ambitions fell no shorter than sitting on the Dragon Thrown and overlooking all of Kara Tur as Okuma led legions of Spirit Warriors in her name to dominance in the east.

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