Monday, October 10, 2011

The Miracle in the Making

The sun retreated with an unnatural swiftness, yielding ever sooner to the moon’s lengthening night. Wind from the north brought a surge of cold air that extinguished the morning’s balmy weather. It began to drizzle as folken of Amphail came in one by one, pairs, and groups to investigate the rumors. Deputies defensively surrounded the Horse Pond, allowing only those who were returning fowled water to its source; fears that all water in Amphail was poisoned had stifled all daily business and errands for that afternoon. Many folken also stood gathered around Amphail’s seat of government, commonly referred to as the Hall, impatiently waiting for official word on the matter. 

Inside the Hall, Sai Briiathor Alougarr sat in a beleaguered and exhausted state after his palaver with the visiting Tarm Company out of Waterdeep. It was one more town crippling disaster after the next- what in all the gods had befallen Amphail? Everything depended on the success of the horse auction now, for if not- it would be a catastrophic winter for the citizens who trusted him to govern and protect them. He prayed to Tymora that some good fortune come his way, he could use a lucky break. He prayed these visiting Waterdhavians were that just that break. 

Outside nearing the small lake, Kym Tarm was pushing a wheelchair occupied by her childhood friend, the corpulent Anskela Amcatha, to the gathered acolytes, adepts, and clerics. Following closely in their wake strode two highborn women; the lithe and rail thin Bernadine Cassalanter and Dodonna Ilzimmer an adept, both of whom wore the Coin of Waukeen. Kym bent low and spoke quietly assuring Anskela that Tymora has not ignored her prayers and soon everything will be as it should. Anskela looked incredulous, her eyes eventually falling on Bernadine who was watching their every move. 

Sai Briiathor and Captain Warnler emerged from the Hall followed by a two impressive guards that could have been ogres armored from head to toe; as well as a trio of highborn acolytes of Siamorphe, a faith what is in vogue amongst the Waterdeep nobility. Descending the steps and his attendees came to halt in front of the statue of the Great Shalarn; a silence like death washed over the crowd. 

Briiathor addressed the gathered citizens, “Hear me I beg. The luck of Tymora has blessed us with Waterdhavians who have come; (pausing dramatically) armed with insight and wisdom. Our beloved lake has been soured, thus I have assembled every cleric and holy-man in Amphail to aid them in purifying the waters.” Briiathor paused as several replies of “do ya?” and “we say thankya” are shouted. 

Sacrificing all degree of courtly etiquette, Sai Briiathor motions to the assembled men and women of differing holy orders and decorated cloths without formal introductions; indicating them to proceed. 

A pause, as all talking stopped; Briar stood flanking Tauren with Helaine in the face of the cold wind as clouds thickened overhead. Joined around the small lake were five richly dressed adepts and eight heavily outfitted clerics, half of which looked of the adventuring type, wearing sashes of various faiths and titles. They began in unison with a prayer that was usually reserved for mealtimes; however, now it was being chanted by thirteen divine casters gathered to purify Amphail’s manicured lake. There was a disconcerting pall in the air that captured the on lookers with worries of fear and doubt. To the Samular Ka-tet it felt like something out of tune. 

This will take days of multiple purify prayers from everyone here, Tauren thought; a very taxing endeavor, what was needed was a miracle to pull this off here and now. Communicating as members of a Ka-Tet do, Tauren and Briar began to slow the spell down to a ritual’s pace and cadence; gaining more area in the casting. 

Half way into the ritual, there did not seem to be any progress to cleansing the waters. Crestfallen, Tauren opened his eyes a bit, lips still slowly chanting the words of purification; he regarded Briar, Eva, and the Agundars who ready to react if anything awry were to materialize, as well as the other onlookers when he barely noticed Rusher. The horse was agitated, and trying to alert Tauren of something. 

·         Bernadine Cassalanter ~Waukeen
·         Dodonna Ilzimmer ~Waukeen
·         Turnus Tarm- Mielikki
·         Arrikes Jhansczil- Tempus
·         Shieldmeyer Roaringhorn- Tymora
·         Endol Ammakyl- Chauntea
·         Joneshammer Eagleshield- Tempus
·         Leath, Cyprus, & Swan- Siamorphe

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