Friday, October 7, 2011

The King's Coin

The King’s Coin is a brightly-shining, yellowish star that forms the "pommel" of the sword in the Swordsman constellation in the late summer sky. It is traditionally said to foretell the lives of Faerun's rulers. Many tales through the ages tell of the Coin glowing brightly at the birth of rulers destined for greatness. A few fables even tell stories of the Coin disappearing from the night sky upon the death of a monarch or hero. In recent years, the King's Coin has become a prominent symbol in the religion of Siamorphe, the deity of nobles and nobility, and members of her faith have taken to adding its image to their heraldic devices, especially in and around Waterdeep. (The star's "proper" name, Imadain, is believed to come from the ancient Imaskari, meaning "Lucky Star of the King")