Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Crusades (Part Four: Draconian)

How many young men has it been now? Too many fallen clerics and wayward souls to count mayhap; however the North can no longer suffer the workings of Karlott. Blademistress Adrianna, Knight of Samular and one-third the high-clergy at the Temple of Truth returned her gaze from the office and back out the lonely window. How many would it take to do what she could not, what she dared not?

In the decades that followed King Samular’s glorious holy crusades against the malevolent chromatic dragons of the North; other oftentimes more undesirable elements move in to fill the emptiness. Devotees of Auril as in Luskan, magical beasts in the south or barbarians in the east, something would undoubtedly step in to fill the void left by the absence of a dragon. With the death of Valdemari, the last remaining metallic dragon of the north realm; such is now the case.

Karlott as he is now called was rumored to be a lot of different horrors of various names; Broad-cloak, the Draconian- a vampire, insane conjurer; what Karlott proved to be was a collaborator with evil dragons; the very insidious dragons that her father campaigned against. He and his were trying to reestablish draconian presence in the North.

It seems she must continue the fight against dragon agents. But to be foolishly drawn out into the open would only lead to death like her siblings. She would send her own agents in her stead. How many has it been now?

In recent years Blademistress Adrianna has sent countless unsuspecting warriors against Karlott having success stolen at the last moments by betrayal or ineptitude. Adrianna contemplated. Was this anyway for a paladin? Was this Karlott’s plan all along so that I would question my actions against him? So much death...

Adrianna turned quizzically back to Artur Fireheart, “Who’s next?”


robm1171 said...

Awesome writing!

James said...

Appreciate that. :)