Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Crusades (Part Five: Eldritch-Knight)

Knock. Knock. Knock. The Abbot looked up from the scroll of protection from water he just completed; such a scroll will be useful to him. Winter in the North can be harsh and desolate most times. Another knock broke him from his wandering thoughts. Going to the door, a single figure presented himself to the monk- a lone traveler. Weathered and injured he had only one possession; a silver great-sword. It appeared that his body was terribly burned years ago; his meager clothes did little to hide thoes scars to say nothing of keeping the winter cold at bay.

The traveler called himself Karlott and palavered with the monk describing the perils of his travels. He was being perused by nesting of young dragons, it was them who so badly scarred him (luckily he, until recently had healing) and that they had been dealt with. The clergy consisted of Helm worshiping monks, humans mostly from all over the north as well as an exiled clan of Earthfast dwarves from the east; they too Helmites. While Karlott appeared to be regaining his strength over the next stretch of days, the monks were beginning to fall ill- even the Earthfast dwarves.

Outside, overlooking the monastery on a nearby granite summit were the dragons; a trio of anxious youths who looked down upon the edifice with contempt and simmering hate. They would slowly weaken the Helmites by contaminating their water and then strike them down. Very soon now, Karlott said five days; it had been four.

With the clergy incapacitated, Karlott was eager to find what he came here for. He had to locate it soon; he doubted if the dragons would wait until the appointed time. God of guardians indeed, Karlott mused. He entered the chamber that ‘guarded’ the various cursed texts, dangerous tomes and items of… there- a Nether Scroll; magical text containing ancient and malevolent passages to the pool of annulment.

Approximately one-quarter mile north, climbing a steady slope up the mountain Endrick pulled his cloak tight against the harsh winter winds. Endrick hoped to reach Helm’s Hold before now, the information he sought from the Helm-monks was important. Not far from here mud-men are creating a menace to the low-land ranchers and farmers. Mud-men are fiercely territorial and were killing horses and bison when they wandered too close to the pools they so jealously guarded. Endrick’s eldritch-sorcery was capable but he sought mundane methods for the ranchers; some of the monks were competent herbalists, Endrick believed they could provide a solution.

Endrick noticed the dragons instinctively and immediately once they took wind, his Samular blood never failing him. He became enraged, all thoughts of mud-men, bison and ranchers purged from his thoughts and replaced with the sudden adrenaline of combat and its urgent need for dragon blood. When Endrick arrived at the monastery moments later he saw how dire the situation was for the weakened Helmite monks.

Endrick raised his Thunderstaff (a name he would later adopt) and pointed the weapon at the treacherous and scarred evil man. Karlott was known among the Knights of Samular as a dragon collaborator, ally and co-conspirator; a movement has even evolved into a cult-like entity. Karlott was caught by surprised by Endrick the Eldritch-Knight and was thrown over the side of Helm Hold’s precipice. Karlott had but the briefest moment to react; retain his weapon or save the Nether Scroll. The great-sword clamored to the ground as Karlott and the Nether Scroll fell into the cold mountain winds and disappeared into the low clouds.

Endrick picked up Karlott’s former silver Githyanki sword and felt it comfortable and wielding in his hands. His emotions heated anew as eldritch magic coursed though him. He looked about, red staining his vision as voices sang in his ears; he gripped the sword tightly in both hands. Endrick, Eldritch-Knight of Samular only swung the sword three times; it was all that was necessary to slay all three dragons.

Somewhere below the precipice- defeated but not deterred Karlott painfully griped the scrolls in his good hand, vowing that he would one day have his revenge against the Thunderstaff and their magic.


James said...

(James) I want to clarify some terms. When a Samular item is discovered as in the case of young Prince Thorvil; it is a piece of history and has its own tale to tell in the story of Samular’s Crusades against the Dragons of the North. It does not indicate a relic or even a item of magic, it is simply your company's way of piecing together your ancestry. I will indicate if an item is a Samular Legacy weapon or not.

James said...

Can't wait for next week!

James Caruso said...

I invite everyone to refresh themselves on all crusades posts. :)

Russ said...

I did read all those this weekend. I have some investigating to do.