Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Damian Speaks

Four months ago I left Waterdeep a mortal nobleman blessed with the blood of an ancient royal line sure of his place in the world and confident in his ability to dominate, if not the world, then surely the lands that his royal bloodline once ruled. Joined together with not only my brother but seven others sharing the same Samular bloodline, we traveled the western lands to meet our fate and on that note we were completely successful.

Three months ago, The Company of the Nine lost their battle with a ferocious green dragon Marshana and all were captured save two of our women Briar and Eva. Eva escaped through the ingenious use of a rare magical item, though she was trapped just as surely as the rest, just protected and safe. Briar escaped and waited for her opportunity to assist our escape should we survive. For two months the captured seven of whom I was one, experienced the worst of torture, the victims of several cult members that worship the dragons of Toril.

One month ago our opportunity arose and we shook free our bonds and rose up against our enemies. Defeating those who had remained and killing one of the Dragon captors, we began the slow process of healing and traveling back to Waterdeep. Our company was forever changed, the people we were when we left Waterdeep, were no more, our personality and mentality completely altered by the crucible of our torture. The cost and sacrifice of who and what we are now so much better understood, the romanticism of youth stripped away and the reality of our burden now clear to us. When we could pull ourselves away from introspection, we began to notice the world was not quite the same as we remembered it either. The comet that had been seen in the sky those months before had moved across the sky, to the naked eye appearing as if it would crash into the moon, its tail shattering and falling to earth. On the trail of the Blue Dragon who escaped our wrath we took cover in the ruins of a forgotten city. It was here we found our fate not to be wrapped up in mortal concerns but in fact part of the plans of the gods themselves. My own brother Bordane brought about the death of the gods of magic and fulfilled the gods fall to Toril. The world was not the same one we had left all those months ago.

Two weeks ago two of our members fell to the charms of the gods, their trail leading us to the circle of stones where I would claim the destruction aspect, winning a battle of wills with my father that revealed a much greater struggle for power. The machinations of the gods worked their wills over all of those bearing the Samular bloodline, some of our members dying, and others thriving, even altering the god’s plans to our own. Eva has survived the last ditch survival effort of the god Myrkul, giving birth to his undead progeny and destroying it, laying claim to his aspect and powers. A lifetime of misunderstanding and mistrust has caused her to keep her gift secret until the last which is understandable considering the treatment and fear she has been exposed to all her life. When those of us with aspects stand near, I hear the prayers of the followers of fallen gods and I wonder if Eva has always heard.

Today this is a new world we have awoken in, the old rules and old ways are no more. All the trappings of life are lifted from our shoulders, this year & one day is our last race, one that when we win, we will reshape this world to our images and desires. Eva is much more a sister to Bordane and I than any blood family she has. She need not worry; morals and social ethics are no more. We race to claim what the gods have lost; the wants and needs of mortal Toril are a waste of time. I no longer am concerned with who is a Harper, a Zhent, a priest, or a magician, although I will bring destruction to them all. I am concerned with winning this race and placing our Samular Legacy in the heavens. I know that our ancient enemies the dragons have the lifespan, memory, and possessions to understand what is occurring and manipulate it to their advantage. I suspect that all those years ago when our ancestors stood against the draconic brood it was for a similar cause. Our strength lies in our royal blood and alliance. It shall carry us unto the stars.

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