Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Frost-Touched

Harriet Gundwynd personally accepted responsibility for tracking and finding the dragon that destroyed over half of Loudwater, a city of fair-born ffolken. Joining her on this quest is Kirren Frostblade a ranger of equal virtue and prowess; Darbee of Lurkwood and her bond, a Lurkwood Pegasus and avatar of animals. After a time it was clear the dragon was northward bound and they could not hope to track him days after it crossed the High Forest.

It was in the High Forest when Harriet, Kirren and Darbee happened across the first of the Frost-touched: animals and monsters seemingly of Malar but kissed by Auril, these creatures were gifted with a cold powers and defenses. Suspecting that there must be a source to these phenomena; for weeks the trio have been traversing the north, following signs of the Frost-touched, cataloging every new species they encounter.

There were Rocs around the trio of peaks known as Arandur’s Crown; griffons raiding the farms of Longsaddle; and a band of a half a dozen hungry Ice trolls closing in on Rassalantar.

Rassalantar is a hamlet of half a dozen walled farms, centered on a spring-fed pond that drains into a stream to the east that empties into the Stump Bog, a sprawling, desolate marsh. An age-old keep, now in ruins, is used by tramps, low-men, and less savory monsters looking for shelter.

Arriving ahead of the Ice trolls they enter The Sleeping Dragon, an inn across the road and east of the pond, to warn as many ffolken as possible. They had only a day to prepare, for surely they were surely coming. West of the pond is Keep Woods, a narrow but dense strip of gnarled trees. This forest, located between two farms, cloaks the keep ruins. It would be here they would make their stand.

The blue-green skinned Ice trolls; proved somewhat smaller than normal trolls but till scraping ten feet tall, attacked Rassalantar in effective coordinated tactics that surprised many of the Waterdeep garrison stationed here. The trolls were as cunning as they were voraciously hungry.

The battle lasted for over an hour before the Frost-touched trolls were defeated, but the victory came at a high price. The innkeeper, Thrun Samallahan- a close friend of Durnan of Waterdeep and the Blackstaff- was killed defending Rassalantar. Say sorry.

The next day the three women packed their gunna- which is to say one's worldly possessions and headed north, secure in the knowledge that every one of these sub set of these frost-creatures possessed an exotic form of damage reduction.

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